The last thing you’d need if you are The MV is rain the day before the ECB picks the squad for the first test. The Headingley rain has rained (Uh-huh) all over Vaughan’s last minute opportunity to knock up a few runs.

So the question on every MV fan is will he really be picked on his ‘form’. 44 runs in his only 4-day game and a couple of decent outings in the FTP are all he has against his name.

His strongest rival will be Ian Bell with two big hundreds to his name already this season.

So will the MV choo choo train stop in its tracks or will the ECB be unable to resistant temptation of picking a man as mesmerizing as this.

MV- from a tight to tighter situation Through the gate? Never !

Its hard not to look away isn’t it.

There were rumors that MV was bowled through the gate during this photo shoot. But they are only rumors – baseless, fact less, unsubstantiated filthy lies spun by evil doers.

micheal vaughan

It would seem so after Sundays FTP match with Sussex where MV ran up a very impressive 82.

Cricinfo calls it ‘MVs return to form’.

The BBC rants it was a ‘near faultless innings’.

Which is why we guess this was MVs highest score for Yorks since 2007. That’s not too bad.  Just the kind of form the English selectors love.

Hopefully the ECB knows that Mushy doesn’t play for Sussex anymore and Yasir Arafat didnt play in this game before they go all gaga.

Next stop for our man MV is Worcestershire, a day before the English squad is announced. They do come thick and fast for these counties guys dont they. No wonder Ricky hated it.

How bad must MV want Yorks to win the toss and loose a wicket so he can get in.

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To be fair to Mendis, there really arnt too many bowlers who can stop Sanath and Tendulkar when they are in that kind of mood.

Brutal, murderous and calculated. Sanath would have seen Mendis in the nets for ages so it would have been easier for him to pick him. But Tendulkar who had trouble with his back in Colombo took him apart in the brilliant way only he can.

1-0 Tendulkar in this IPL with round two just 4 days away.

His first 12 balls went for 28.

His last 12 for 11. Which tells the story of the match. It was won through the bats of the one of the most lethal opening pairs in this competition.

Once you go for over a 100 in 52 balls in a 2020, you are not going to be making too many come backs.

Mendis didnt get too much turn and he seemed a little lost in the middle of the assault. To his credit he kept tossing it up. Which dint help cuz they ended up being too full.

Another tough lesson for the prodigy. And he needs to learn in quick time.

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Well Micheal, as Barney from How I met you mother would say.


We will endeavour to report all of MV’s innings and just how good his form is leading up to the Ashes.

In the lead up to Yorkshires’ first county match against Durham last week, Vaughan had a couple of innings that seemed to show he was in the ‘kind of form that might tempt the ECB’ to pick him for the Ashes.

Form leading up to the Durham match

29 v Lancs, pre-season one dayer.

43 v Durham, FTP one dayer, bowled through the gate.

All this ‘form’ amounted to the usual story  against Durham where he scored a couple of  20s. Dismissed to Onions and Harmy, caught behind both times.

He may have been a little unlucky in the first innings but his form at best was sketchy. Uncertainty outside the off stump was enough for Onions to send the former English captain back in the 2nd dig.

40 odd runs is hardly going to set the world on fire, even for the weird selection policies adopted by the ECB.

Vaughans desire to be picked for the WI series test squad was a far fetched dream. This is pretty unlikely to happen now, even with the kind of romantic relationship he has with the ECB and the English Media, who make you feel like he is only a ‘classy cover drive’ laden 40 odd from being back in the English set up.

Sorry MV, but on current form you shouldn’t be anywhere near the ‘The England’.

Vaughans next outing should be on Sunday v Sussex. All the best Micheal.

“Form is temporary, class is…”

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From the desk of the Fake IPL player himself.

We predicted poor crowds for games that are non-weekend matches. And the Fake IPL player has shed some interesting light on this for us.

“Another sitting with the broadcasting folks has brought out some interesting facets of how thing’s work out here. Being right here, I can tell you that the grounds are pretty sparsely filled, especially during the first inning. But the broadcasting team has been told to keep talking about the excitement and the fever at the ground. The camera men have been instructed not to pan towards empty stands. And the producers keep telling the spectators to scream and shout when the cam pans to them. I don’t know what you guys sense on TV, but watching it from here, the so-called ‘excitement’ and ‘energy’ seems even faker than this blog.

Even without this bit of damning information and if you have been a keen observer, you’d have noticed that at least 30-40%  of the stands are empty in pretty much all the week games.

Of course we cant really vouch for the accuracy of said information, given than it comes from a Fake IPL player.

But we’ll be damned if we ignored any fake news that supports our views.

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