I have had to let a day go by to fully absorb the game on Sunday.

There was so much experimenting going on that you began to wonder if the game was infact in the end an actual game. Or just another experiment

The Australians were playing an experimental side.

Micheale Clarke experimented with opening the batting.

They also experimented with their batting and bowling.Perhaps they were trying to prove a theorem about what would happen if they did neither in a game.

Sri Lanka were also getting into the science of it all.

I don’t think Dilhara Fernando bowled a single no ball. Tight lines and lengths were kept to. He even bowled the last over.

Wickets were taken at regular intervals, no panic was experienced when a partnership threatened.

The batsmen showed no signs of even remotely being worried about the Perth pitch. Rebuilt the innings when 2 quick wickets fell. Ruthlessly hunted down the runs and ended the game with a 6.

Was that Sri Lanka experiementing with being a Professional outfit?

Sri Lanka, professional. It doesn’t even feel right as I am typing that out.

Surely, we are only a couple of steps from becoming South Africa now aren’t we…

I am not sure if I am ready for that.

australia v sri lanka 2010

Its time to pick up the Kids from the Day care centre and start getting serious.

I heard Lalit Modi was arrested for having too much fun with the kids. Did he have a too many kids on his lap or something?

Anyway, time do some homework and get ready for some serious cricket in the form of the 2020 WC.

Someone asked when the test crickets back on. I said – who? Don’t know him.

flyslip icc 2020 world cup ipl lalit modi

flyslip ipl


And we are not ashamed to say it. This is mainly due to the fact that it will be shown on free to air television in Australia.  Which is a rare occasion that non Australian matches are actually on. The reasons for us not having paid tv are better explained here.

But there is also another reason. Preity Zinta. Those are not it but is also a part of it.

We would like to bring to your attention a player who we have taken on as our own from the beginning. You will remember him as that terrific bloke who overcame the fact that he played Tier B cricket in Sri Lanka.

I know. Tier B cricket is not something we should mess around with. It’s evil and weird. It’s the reason for  what’s happened to Rhianna. It also killed David Carradine.

We were captivated by this mysterious player from the wrong side of the domestic table.  India learned the full extent of what a Tier B player can do.  It was such pure satanic beauty. We lapped it all up.

We all did. In hindsight, we really had no choice in the matter because it was just so undeniable.

Then the most unthinkable, horrendous thing that could have ever happened – after what happened to Rhianna – happened. The team this human wonder played in got promoted to Tier A. Along with it came shameless conformance to playing proper cricket. Balls.

The man lost his magic and we soon forgot  all about him. But we have been watching him and following him at a distance.  Hoping he would rediscover his evil, cunning, wily ways.

And it seems he finally may have. Playing under the captaincy of  the ‘Mike Brearley of SL domestic 2020 cricket’ –  Jehan Mubarak  – seems to have brought the best out of him. Which in it self is kind of scary,  in a really bad way.

But if his performance in the inter-provincial final is anything to go by- this years IPL might see the return of the one we call Splendid.

His performance will be more important to Sri Lanka than any of the others playing. If he has half a decent tournament  – there will plenty of Sri Lankans who will sleep better.

Regardless – 4 for 9 off 3.2 is a good fucken way to start.

ajantha mendis flyslip ipl splendid mendis