Everyone scratched around but only Hussey got ugly enough to get past 50. Khawaja didn’t really look like he wanted to be there for most of his innings. Ponting looked solid but had a brain freeze.

Kept losing wickets eitherside of intervals. Which is a big no no these days. Hussey is turning batting ugly into an art form. Today he pulled out one which was hard on the eyes but important for Australia. He never really looked like he was in any form. But almost got a 100 which he easily deserved.

273 might not sound a lot but if they bowl well , on this pitch, it can keep them in the game.

Sri Lanka

Things looked a bit bleak when Watson took 20 off an over but quickly turned it around with wickets everytime Australia looked set. Bowled as a unit like we suggested. Herath troubled the Australians with his straighter one. Lakmal , Radiv , Dilshan were steady. Welegedara produced an absolute jaffa to send Khawaja on his way.

Dilshan captained well throughout the day, except when he put the entire field on the rope at the end of the day. Uncessarily and looked ugly when it really didn’t need to. At this point Sri Lanka are where they want to be. Bowled out the opposition on day 1 after losing the toss. Rest is up to the batters.

The Pitch

There was a lot of chat leading up to the game and as soon as Aus lost a wicket. If this wicket was a woman, it would be the one that kept putting off sex even after the 5th date, you’ve wined and dined her but still getting no ROI.  Doubt anyone will ever be set on this pitch as long as the bowlers keep the pressure up. It will be tough, but that’s why it’s called test cricket.

Play of the Day
Tom Moody inadvertently being a passive racist when he compared Russel Arnold to a ‘small black’ turtle.

Welegedara claiming a catch after he touched the rope. You knew, we knew that you knew dude. I guess that’s one way to test the UDRS.

sri lanka v australia 2011

Shane Watson

Born in Ipswich in QLD, Shane has the physique of a Rugby player and the looks of a surfer. Once Shane realised that he wasn’t a rugby player and his back cured from all the heavy weight lifting from trying to build the body of a rugby player, we started to see the best of him. Shane is a pretty boy and has a hot wife. We try to hate him but it’s hard. There is someone like Shane in every Australian Family.

Phil Hughes

Phil has been playing A grade since the age of 12. He was also a talented Rugby League player. Going by the size of him (5ft 6) that would have made him a halfback. Halfbacks are schemers and have an opinion on everything. The best way to shut them up and get rid of them was to get them in a shout at the pub. After about 4 beers they were drunk and usually went home to do their hair.

Ricky Ponting

Punter. What can you say. I like the bloke. Debuted against Sri Lanka in 1995 and made 96. I remember the innings. Although I reckon I could have made a quick 15 against the Sri Lankan team at the time, you could see his class. Played through Australia’s golden era and was handed the Captaincy through its slide down the rankings. It must of been like running Germany after Hitler. I think we may see a lot of runs out of him in his twilight years.

Michael Clarke (capt)

I guess the way society is now we have to have an Australian Captain with tattoo’s. Started out scoring a plethora of runs and then discovered girls. Had a dalliance with Lara Bingle and then flushed her engagement ring down the toilet. Seems to be concentrating on cricket again after the break up. With the knowledge of Punter for a few years, should make a “Border” like Captain.

Michael Hussey

Old and left handed. Has had a remarkable career for someone that has attention deficit disorder. Seems like the guy that would be the last asleep on the team bus and would draw a large penis on your forehead with a sharpie whilst you tried to sleep. Has got Australia out of trouble on numerous occasions and thrives at 4/25 instead of 4/600. Every team needs one of him.

Usman Khawaja

The new Punter/Clarke? We hope so. Will he be the inspiration for a whole new group of cricketers? Should score plenty of runs and could probably also fix your computer over the phone.

Brad Haddin (wk)

A bit like the poor bloke that would have had to fill Bradman’s shoes when he retired. Haddin is a solid cricketer. Can score runs, can catch (Occasionally) and looks like a bloke you could have a beer with. Hopefully hasn’t concentrated to much in the off season on his keeping. There is a bloke from Tasmania snapping at his heels.

Mitchell Johnson

Rock Star. Another new age cricketer with tough stickers up his forearms. The enigma of Australian Cricket. Can turn a game on its head with bat or ball one week and then would be lucky to get a game in B grade in the local Churches competition the next. If this bloke can get consistent he will be one of the major weapons as we try and climb up the world rankings again.

Trent Copeland

New kid on the block. Watched him in the 5th one day game against the mighty Sri Lankans and it was like he was bowling hand grenades. If he can get the ball consistently in the “Corridor of uncertainty” at 140k/m per hour he could be a sensation. Get belted into submission on this tour and he could be mowing lawns for a living.

Ryan Harris

Honest toiler who has blossomed in his twilight years. Get’s the ball in the right areas. Looks like a Council worker that enjoys a beer after the game.

11 Nathan Lyon.

Australia’s 45th option for a spin bowler “Post Warnie” let’s hope he can turn the ball. Will be up against a team that have no fear of spin. Good luck to Nathan but he may be looking to go into business with Trent Copeland in a few months.

(12th man – Michael Beer)

Why would you pick a spinner that cant field as your 12th man? Must have a special way of cooling Gatorade.

Steven Pageisitis is a sports tragic, stereotypical Australian and has an opinion on most things. Likes long walks along the beach and is an avid gardener

sri lanka v australia 2011

Top order has to click
Australias strength is in their top order and if they have a bad time of it, it’s pretty much game over. Since Watson decided breaking a nail isn’t that bad, he has been pretty fkn devastating. Brutal yet calm, his only fault lies in his brain farts after getting past 50. Ponting and Clarke have both looked in sublime form on tour so far. And Clarkes batting on these pitches will be vital to Australia putting up big scores. And then there is Hussey. His engine has purred but hasn’t gotten into 2nd gear yet. But test cricket is where Mr.Cricket feels most at home and you can be sure he will step up. With Haddin looking like he couldn’t bat to save his life, the onus is on the top 5 to get provide the scoreboard pressure.

Use the quicks in short spells
The Sri Lankan heat takes no prisoners, so Clarke would do well to plug one end with the token spinner and use the quick men in short, sharp bursts. This would achieve 2 things. Give the big men a chance to recover. And Clarke would readily have a pumped up fast bowler to call on. This is the ideal way to use guys like Johnson and Siddle on dead pitches. Because if they are at full tilt late in the day, shit will start to happen. Australia would be smart to go in with 4 quicks and 1 spinner because the quality of the spinners they have won’t worry the Sri Lankans. Harris, Johnson, Copeland, Siddle, Beer is what I’d go with. Clarke and Watson as back up.

Go hard at the Islanders

Sri Lankans dont enjoy the ball flying past our nose. So make sure it’s there more often than not. That not to say –  get carried away and bang everything in, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pepper the guys with the short stuff for an over or 2. It might mean the odd pull for 4, but it would make the the fuller balls more significant. A bit of chat and a bit of in your face stuff wouldn’t be wasted either. Sri Lanka depends heavily on their top heavy batting line up. And it can collapse in a pretty ugly way. A few early wickets might mean that Australia set up an early win

Break Sri Lanka early

Galle is bit of a Sri Lankan fortress in more than one sense of the word. Sri Lanka hardly ever lose at Galle. And going down 1-0 here could break SL for the rest of the series. Last time Aus played here, they brushed aside Sri Lanka. But times have changed.

sri lanka v australia 2011

See out the new ball

Australia will come hard with the new ball and will try to get in the faces of the SL openers, so it’s crucial that Dilshan and Paranavitana see out the chin music. Being 50-0 at lunch is ok. 80-3 and you’re already trying not to lose the game. Dilshan will always have a go and that might be one way to win a test but taking his time would mean getting the chance to toy with the token Aussie spinner late in innings. Paranavitana does well at home and was steady in Eng, solid starts from him will pave the way for Sanga and Mahela to showcase their bromance in the middle.

Show some fuken fight
It’s no big secret that the Sri Lankan lower order doesn’t contribute much. If Sri Lanka are serious about winning test matches then that has to change. You cannot put a price on how important lower order runs are. Samaraweera and PJ will hopefully plug that gap with their solidity in the middle. And the rest of the bowlers will do well to show some balls and hang in their. The way Malinga threw away his wicket in the ODIs was appalling. Wear a few on the body if you have to but dont shrivel up like an old mans dick. Put a price on your wicket. Make the Australians get you out. Because you can be sure as hell that Harris, Johnson, Siddle will fight it out like a motherfucker. There shouldn’t be any easy wickets in test cricket.

Bowl as a unit
Sri Lanka don’t have any genuine match winning bowlers in the side anymore. So it’s time to make lemonade. Eranga, Welegedara, Lakmal, Prasad are capable bowlers, but aren’t of the quality of Malinga or Vass. At least not yet. It’s unlikely that any of the quick bowlers will dominate, so they all have to work together to bring down the Aussies. They face 2 very attacking openers, so they will always give you a sniff. Specially in the case of Hughes.Herath, Mendis, Randiv and Seekuge will all play an important role in chipping away at the exceptionally strong middle order. Hussey, Clarke, Marsh aren’t just going to bend over and let you have your way with them. Be Patient. But be at them with pressure and close in fielders all the time. Everyone has a breaking point. Specially in the Sri Lankan heat. Just keep pushing the buttons.

Pick the right attack

This is crucial. 3 spinners or 2 ? 3 quicks or 2. It doesn’t really matter if you get the personnel wrong. Welegedara has to play because he offers that extra incentive with the angle and his nip. And I would give Eranga his first cap purely on his performance in the ODIs. He showed he can swing it at a decent clip. And Sri Lanka will need someone like him who keeps the ball full instead of trying to bang it in. The 2 spinners have to be either Randiv/Mendis and Seekuge. Herath has been found wanting in the last few series and an avg of 37 isn’t really worrying anyone. Australian generally tend to play left armers quite well. I’d put Randiv ahead of Mendis because of the variation he adds with his bounce. On these slow dead pitches that is gold. Mendis has been on the wane and the Australians have started to figure him out little by little. On the other hand Seekuge has impressed us with his aggressive attitude and 2 wrongs that had Mike Hussey guessing. what more can you ask for ?

sri lanka v australia 2011


Kneee deep in rebuilding, being hungry and being procecuted by Don Argus, Australia face their first real test since losing the Ashes and surrendering their World Champion status.  Looked almost the part during the ODI series. Most importantly for Australia Ponting looked in pretty suave form. So much so that ol grumpy was happy, as much as Ricky Ponting could ever be happy, to sit out the tour game.

Australia and Micheal Clarke will have you believe that this is a ‘new era’ for Australian cricket. But the fact of the matter is, personnel wise, the only changes from the Ashes loss will be Phil Hughes and Shaun Marsh getting their shot. The only real change you will probably notice will be the way Micheal Clarke captains. His all smily admissions about being glad not to face up to quick bowler aren’t really what we are used to from an Australian captain. I mean look at Ricky, he’s not captain anymore but still looks pretty pissed with the world. But don’t let the peroxide and tattoos fool you. Clarke is like the Harvey Specter (Suits) of the cricket world. He will use his good looks and unflustered nature as a weapon to stab you in the back. Clarke managed just the right balance between attack and defence in the ODIs. We should expect more of the same in the test series.


Solid and deep. This is Australias  strength. Watson, Ponting, Clarke, Hussey. That is a formidable top order. And all of them looked in good nick in the pijamas stuff.  This tour could potentially be the tour that re-launches Phil Hughes’s career and throws more light onto the talents of Khawaja and Marsh. The problem for Australia will be how to fit all of them into the same side. With Haddin and the rest of the tail looking suspect against spin much of the work will have to be done by the top 5. But the plus for Australia is that if needed the lower order do have the balls to hang around and score runs.


If Australia win this series it will be because of their fast men. The ODIs showed that the Sri Lankans still pussy out when its dug in short and there is a bit of nip.  And if  Harris, Johnson, Siddle and maybe Copeland can get past the top 4, they know they are in with a big chance of skittling the rest.  What Australia don’t want to do is go down ‘the when in Rome’ path. Stick to your strength and get  at the Sri Lankans. We don’t like it, we never have. If the Aussies are thinking of playing 2 spinners then they’ve already lost the plot. Then there is the Sri Lankan heat. The bigger and unaccustomed Aussie you are, the harder you will fall.

Sri Lanka

Only 2 test wins in 9 games at home in the last few years. Even if the WI series was played on paddle boats. We have lost to Eng, India (twice) and now Australia in ODIs. Sri Lanka are no longer the dominant team they are at home. And much like Australia, Sri Lanka re also in a new phase of their cricket. A pirate leading the side. No more Murali. There is a huge worry for Sri Lankan fans that we will be unable to win test matches any more. And just like Australia, Sri Lanka will be banking on their top draw cards in the batting and a few unknowns in the bowling. Dilshan has a chance to benchmark how he decides to lead this Sri Lankan test side. Especially now that we have been handed a generous share in the test pie in the FTP.


The Sri Lankan batting line up is like a woman with large boobs. Top heavy.  And again we will be relying on the top 4 to score most of the runs. Samaraweeras addition is a welcome one to add a bit more balls to the middle order. But from then on its anyones guess. Everyone loves to brandy up Matthews but he is yet to deliver. Maybe it’s time he is given enough time to get fit and give Thirimanne or  Chandimal the break they deserve. Prasanna Jayawardene also has a big part to play. His runs in England were impressive and will need to continue that form if he is to shield the weak lower middle order.


With no Malinga, SL will depend heavily on guys like Eranga and Welagedara for early breathroughs. But they are up against 2 very attacking openers in Watson and Hughes. And with the form Watson has showed this could be a very painful time for the two. Eranga showed he could nip it about early. Whether he can do the same with a red ball remains to be seen. Then there is the spinner conumdrum. If Sri Lanka are to win then they have to get their spin attack right. They will favor the 2 or even 3 spinner option. Mendis has been on the wane, and after his initial romp in the 2020s, the Aussies got used to him. Australians play left armers well. So I would be happy to see Randiv/Mendis/Seekuge or Randiv/Mendis or Seekuge line up for the firs test. Whether the selectors will have the balls to make a big call like that will remain to be seen.

sri lanka v australia 2011