Monthly Archives: November 2011

I admit, I have a problem

Being a Sri Lankan cricket fan right now is a bit like being an alcoholic. A manic depressive. And Ted Bundy. For the longest time, you deny that  you even have a problem. You start with a couple of world cup final losses. A test match here and there. And before you know it you [...]

Our Site couldn’t handle Capetown either

Hello All, You  may have received a msg yesterday when trying to view the blog about malware and how the site was unsafe to visit and view. That was basically google going a wee bit nuts after realising what was about to happen in Capetown. There was nothing wrong. All sorted now. We aren’t evil [...]

I spot fixed and lived to tell the tale

Whoa, settle down ACSU. We were just kidding around. A joke really. Yes we know it’s not very funny. You cant even say the words Spot Fixing at an airport anymore. Not unless you wanted some of your private spots examined by an airport security official with a deadpan look on their face. It’s just [...]

There is no I in Team

I keep staring at this headline in the Pak v SL homepage on  cricinfo. It reads “SL hold the advantage – Dilshan”. When I read it the first time I thought it was rather odd. Peculiar even.  He of course said this at the end of the 1st test. Sure Sri Lanka had  batted out  [...]