5 Tips to learn to play piano or keyboard in 2019

From Best Piano and Keyboard we want this 2019 to learn once and for all to play the piano or keyboard. That is why we start the year with a series of tips that can help you in the learning process with the instrument yiruma. Make 2019 the year you learned to play the piano or keyboard once and for all!

Invest in your instrument

Obviously you need an instrument to start learning. Be it a piano or a keyboard, try to choose one that suits your needs. We all know that the instruments are not cheap and require an investment. We do not pretend that you acquire the best piano or keyboard that may exist, but do not limit your budget too much. Well, in the end your instrument is like a work tool, with which you will play every day or every week. And one of the best ways to be motivated to play is to have an instrument with which we are comfortable, with which we can play immediately and with which we can enjoy hours and hours of our progress.

Who would like to play a piano with damaged keys? Or a keyboard that has problems with sound or connectivity? Do not limit yourself; invest in your instrument, your best ally in the learning process.


Choose a repertoire that you like. Do not limit your learning with the typical works that everyone studies at the beginning. Try to learn works that attract your attention and you like to interpret. Obviously within your possibilities and abilities, but try not to limit yourself. Sometimes the exercises and studies are fine to develop techniques on the piano or keyboard, but they are not always the best option and can get bored. Therefore choose works that challenge your skills, because in most of the works we will be doing all those exercises, scales that appear in the studios but endowed with greater musicality.

Sign up for class

Today we have many resources at our disposal on the internet to learn to play an instrument, musical knowledge or even online classes. All these resources are very good to expand our skills with the instrument, but from here we want to encourage you to take the next step. Sign up for a music school, the conservatory or hire a teacher who teaches at home or can even go to yours. Having someone to guide you in the first steps will make you strengthen the foundations and acquire a greater skill quickly, leaving behind the vices that we can take.


Without doubt one of the key attitudes to advance in any discipline is motivation. There are many ways to increase our motivation and desire to learn. Do not stagnate with that work that you have been learning for months and you cannot make progress. Change your teacher, method or school if you see that your progress is not working. Buy another instrument if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

All these factors and many others will keep us interested in staying connected with learning. It is not about changing the method, teacher, work or instrument when we do not see the progress. If not try to choose the best work, teacher, method or instrument that best suits our abilities and needs. The one that keeps us motivated and facilitates the trajectory towards our objectives.

Constancy Surely you’ve heard it many times, but perseverance in any activity is the key to success. It doesn’t matter how many hours we practice, if not the frequency of the practice. Set a goal that you can achieve and try to maintain a daily or semi-daily practice. Start by taking a little time to review your classes or move forward with your progress, and try to increase it as you go. Surely you can set aside 15 minutes every day to play the instrument, until you can spend some more time. Maintaining frequent practice we will achieve the objective that we set for sure.