My name is Ambul Thiyal-Anga. As you would have guessed by now I’m a cricketer. More specifically an opener, by name, at times even by trade.

I have an extensive repertoire of strokes but only play few, that is how good I am. Or how good I was. You see, I hit a rough patch a while ago.

My confidence had eluded me. But no more.
My timing was amiss. But No more
Nay, no more.

Ambul Thiyal-Anga was called into action, as he so often is, against the might of the Indians recently. It was my chance to prove to the world the legend of Ambul was not faded but spreading wider. To prove that to the ones that gave up on me that I’m stronger, faster, well drilled like a finely tuned machine. All clock work like a fresh off the mill Swiss chronometer.

Yes I was ready.
I walked to the middle to face the new ball, fearless as I had done before. But this time It would be different. This time, it would be all my way. The daunting chase ahead of me did not make me nervous. Rather it made me acutely aware that this was where Ambul Thiyal-Anga was meant to be at this moment. This is the moment that Ambul would re capture his lost throne.

A brisk few boundaries boosted my already brimming confidence. I was set. Today would be my day. I reach a half century. The crowd goes wild in the stands. I acknowledge them briefly. Knowing that I would soon be gaining more adulation’s when I reach the milestone I am destined for today. Even the opposition sense it. They are not dealing with a mere mortal. I can see it in their eyes. The fear. The loathing. The hint of jealousy. I’m not perturbed.

The bowler runs in. I already know his plan. I’m two steps ahead of him. He is unaware. My foot moves into position with a serenity that amazes even me. The bat flows through. My muscles searching , aching, for the perfect moment to make contact, but at that most glorious moment I’m distracted, by someone in the crowd perhaps.
It is over. I have edged it and the brutish keeper has snuffled up the chance. For a moment , disbelief. From bowler, keeper and even umpire.

I am out.

I stand there, bat in hand. Pin drop silence all around. I move back into my stance. Practice the perfect sensual shot that was meant to have been played.

But that I did not.

Ambul Thiyal-Anga

Keeping in line with Suave’s hulk smash phenomenon , flyslips come up with its own brand of Island rage… Introducing

The Coconut Smash.

The coconut smash will be used on the dire , nit wit, absolutely moronic Sri Lankan performers. It will executed, clinically, by smashing a ripe King Coconut over the offending baboon.

Why a Coconut?
Ahh.. the inevitable question..but what you really want to be asking is..why not a coconut ?
(But I think it has to do with us coming from an Island or something..)

Id think this is self explanatory. When ever one of you fuck up. Ima fuck you up.

Let the coconut smashing Begin.

Can you spot Upul Tharanga under the pile of coco’s ?

Any Ideas on who will cop the first coco smash ?

Coconut Smash

In a new episode of the ridiculous selection blunders of late,and previous, it is learnt that the Sri Lankan selectors have once again taken the headlines by changing the team that the captain and commitee had agreed to behind Jayawardene’s back.

Thats not what Im thinking, its what MJ is. At least its what he must have been thinking when the press were asking about players he dint know were in his team.

“I need to get some clarification of the team from the selectors,” Jayawardene said at a media conference to launch the five-match Idea Cup limited overs series shortly after the Indian team arrived at the beachfront hotel.

Jayawardene expressed his surprise at the naming of the squad when asked a couple of questions about the batting order. The normally cool, calm captain raised his eyebrows that suggested some names are in the 15-man squad that were not initially discussed.

Raised an eye brow? How can anyone assume that that is how he expresses surprise. Isnt that how he looks anyway? >>

Back on topic.
This is a new low for the even the SL selectors.

All this means is that it looks like there is a serious fuck up in the communication one way or the other.

How strangely Sri Lankan for the captain to find out about team changes from the newspapers.
Good thing we will probably still whipe out India 5-0.

Back on topic.
Fuck off you bastard selectors. Just fuck off!

sri lankan cricket

A recent poll conducted online revealed that most cricket fans out there reckon that our boy PJ is the best man behind the sticks going around.

Which I would say is a fairly accurate analysis when you consider his keeping ability. When the Indians, including their much loathed ‘Fab 4’ , went cross-eyed trying to read Mendis and Murali, who will from here on be referred as MnM, (not the mint, but the bowlers), PJ seemed to pick up what the two ‘freaks’ were doing with constant ease.

Which leaves me dumbfounded as to his complete ineptness ,it seems, in hitting the ball off the square. The man’s managed to earn himself a spot in the team solely on his keeping ability, which says a lot about his keeping but unfortunately for Sri Lanka his lack of runs will surely tell sooner rather than later.

PJ usually comes in at number 6 or 7 and by no means can that be considered the tail end of our batting line up. At least not in the modern game. His lack of runs needs to catch the eye of the selectors who must be mindful that he is not indispensable. Sangakkara can be used at any given time to take up the gloves when we need to bring in the additional batsmen/all-rounder or bowler (my personal choice but thats for another day.) The notion of ‘off loading’ Kumar is a bit dodgy if PJ keeps failing to notch up the runs.

Expecting PJ to to average around 30-35 cannot be asking him too much. Mark Boucher averages 30, Mcullum 31. I believe these are fair comparisons as both Boucher and Mcullum fulfill similar roles for their teams and bat at similar positions.

From what I have seen PJ has the technique to get the runs, its possibly due to a lack of confidence and nerves that get him out.

A day will come when Sri Lanka needs to rely on Jayawardene getting the runs for them and on the evidence of his 21 tests so far that seems highly unlikely to happen. However, I think PJ should be given the opportunity to prove himself while the team it self needs to realise that this is one of the areas that needs to improve going forward if SL are to challenge the big boys in the pegging order overseas.

PJ’s stats

Career summary
v Australia 2007-2007 2 38 37 9.50 0 2 2 view innings
v Bangladesh 2002-2007 5 139 120* 46.33 1 13 5 view innings
v England 2007-2007 3 150 79 37.50 0 6 2 view innings
v India 2008-2008 3 107 49 26.75 0 3 5 view innings
v New Zealand 2006-2006 2 80 37 20.00 0 3 0 view innings
v Pakistan 2000-2000 1 view innings
v South Africa 2006-2006 2 72 42 36.00 0 6 1 view innings
v West Indies 2008-2008 1 26 21 26.00 0 4 0 view innings
v Zimbabwe 2004-2004 2 4 4 4.00 0 4 0 view innings

If you wish to vote on the poll go here


With captains dropping like flies these days its becoming one of the most talked about topics in cricket right now.

Gayle returns as captain after pulling back his resignation letter. But the question remains whether he is the right man for the job?

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