-Don’t worry too much about the Sri Lankan record at the PSS. It is a very formidable one, mind. 5 wins in 7 matches. Including 4 on the trot, SA and India included. Ok so maybe you should worry.

– It must be tempting to try Rauf as an opener but it would serve Pakistan unendingly not to waver. Pakistan haven’t got any other options for openers in the  Squad. Butt and Manzoor are probably the only 2 players who have the mettle, however little it may be, to take on the new ball.

-Younus Khan should get Moyo to farm the deadly bowling of Angelo Mathews.

-Shoaib Malik needs to take Fawad Alam for a night out in one of Sri Lankas road side cafes. The more unhygenic the place looks, the better Maliks chances are of keeping his spot in the team.

-Umar Gul, as we all know now, never left England. Or maybe its the jet lag. But the man is class and as long as he doesn’t go to dinners with Malik and spends his days bunking with Aamer, he should be back.

-Can a brother get a little Danish ‘Cookies’ love up in here. Leg spin doesn’t trouble SL that much but PSS is a good place for spinners. Ajmal didn’t scare anyone in Galle. Sure he got 5 wickets but it included

Samaraweera -1
Thushara -1
Mendis -2
Kulesekara -1

All formidable batsmen in their own right yes, but probably not what Pakistan want from their main spinner.

Aamer- just needs to show up.

Razaaq – Was dropped because he couldn’t find his whites after not playing test cricket for around 345 years. But has got the experience, and the skill to make a difference.

abdul razaq Mohammad Aamer shoaib malik sri lanka v pakistan 2009 umar gul younis khan yousuf

The test series ‘of the summer’ gets under way in less than a day and we answer all the questions that’s been ailing your thought process.

Who will drop like MJ ?

Who will be trip over and fall flat on their face? In short,

Who will loose their balls?
The ultimate guide.

Malinda Warnapura.

Grab them while you can. Malinda on his last balls ?
Grab them while you can. Malinda on his last balls ?

He’s young, he’s tall and he has no technique outside off stump.

Pakistan might not have a Waquar and Wasim but Gul and that new fella Aamer will do nicely. He has enjoyed a free ride at the top of the order mainly because the rest of the openers SL are churning out are not up to the mark. We think his fairy tale will end. Quickly.

Verdict– Not nutmeg, but nutless. Hmm. Maybe one and a half nutless.

Abdul Razaq

Where are your whites Abdul? Where ARE THEY ?
Where are your whites Abdul? Where ARE THEY ?

The bastard child. He play in the ICL, now he play the test cricket. Lalit Modi might have cared if it was the IPL. But he’s not, so he doesn’t.

Razaq last played a test like 400 years ago or something. Sure he can knock it about in a 2020 game but does he still remember hold to hold a red ball.

Does he even have white flannels ???

His stats against SL and in SL isnt even going to scare my granny. Mendis with four around him ?

Verdict – Do you even need to ask ?

Danish ‘Cookies’ Kaneria

God doesnt care about your balls Danish.
God doesn't care about your balls Danish.

With an average of 35 and a strike rate of 70 he is possibly one of the most overrated spinners in the game at the moment.

It has been suggested by some wily conspiracy theorists that his figures of 5-205 in the first test at Karachi was what pushed those terrorists over the edge in Lahore.

Sri Lankans usually play leg spin pretty well and Leg spinners usually don’t do so well in SL.  Only Shane Warne has an average better than his overall figures in SL. Anils at 44 (29 Career), Mushie 40 (32 Career).

Don’t be surprised if Danish crumbles like a cookie- smirk.
Also, his middle name is ‘Prabha’. And you know how Sri Lankans take to dudes with that name. Even if it is your middle name.

Verdict– Cookies don’t have balls. So yea, Ball-less

abdul razaq danish kaneria flyslip malinda warnapura sri lanka v pakistan