A bit overdue but new year festivities bring down the best of us.

Bangladesh – had too much time to think.

Before lunch no one gave Bangladesh a chance but then they got close and they had 40 mins to stew about an impossible win. 148 out and the P’ship looking good, the lunch break came at the wrong time.

Ashraful played a brilliant knock but his dismissal straight after the 100 showed immaturity. As a captain he let the side down when he got out.  For Bangladesh to have won he needed to push on.

Sakin and Rahim played to a plan before lunch and had Mahela sweating. The nerves showed after the break, Sakib was chasing wide ones and looking dodgy.

Once he got out the rest rolled over under the pressure for 10 runs.

This is now becoming a familiar trend for the Bangladeshi’s , 2 or 3 times this year they got into similiar situations and then let the pressure swallow them whole.

Bad habits die hard.

Sri Lanka– limped, staggered home.

Sri Lanka set 521 and then went about setting defensive fields to see just how close Bangladesh would get.

Even on the 5th day Murali bowled without a slip and boundaries were leaked to 3rd man, who was also missing.

As well as Bangladesh batted Sri Lanka allowed them to do so.

This is something Mahela seriously needs to address. This defensive hole he’s fallen into is pissing all over Sri Lanka’s chance to dominate and win.

Dhammika Prasad impresses with each game. With the new ball he was lively, and on day 5 after lunch with the noose really tightening around the Sri Lankan’s he got the ball to reverse.

His radar is a bit off but he was menacing and we love it when he gets the crazy eyes on him.

Did we mention Murali got his 22nd 10fer in game ?

Make merry while Mendis is out is his policy these days.

Play of the day.

Dhammika Prasads match winning spell.

Fast, swing and menacing when he got it on line.

Plus he doesn’t hold back when he gets a wicket. Cant argue with that.

ajantha mendis ashraful dammika prasad mahela jayawardane murali sakib al hassan sri lanka v bangladesh

Ashraful, a masterful century.

Chasing 521, that innings was made of rock solid balls. We doff our hat to you sir.

Sakib’s wants to make love to this pitch, a 5fer when he bowled and now it looks like he’s going to start building his family a home in the middle.

Murali’s bowled 5000 overs, at least, but still cant get past a couple of 21 year olds.

Vass prized out Ashraful, but doesn’t look like he will get another unless the batsmen make a mistake

Herath’s cheap but no oomph in his bowling.

Mahelas sitting at slip, thinking about how to shorten the Pakistani tour while leaking a 100 runs in the session.

Some guy in commentary said some teams have chased 400 and 380 in the last couple of weeks. I think they are lying, that’s just IMPOSSIBLE in the 4th innings.

“You sound like you have the jitters”, Huh, What ?

No idea what you are talking about.

Nothing to see here, carry on.

ashraful mahela jayawardane murali sri lanka v bangladesh vass

Sri Lanka – par for the course

Needed to push the lead past 500. Done.

Needed to pick up at least 5 wickets for Mahela to feel like he made a good declaration. Done.

Mahela snoozed his way to 166 and Dilshan helped him self to a 40 knowing he should be dropped from the test team.

Murali helped himself to a lazy 3fer. He might not get as many in the 2nd test with Splendid returning.

Bangladesh– batting with a longer fuse.

Bangladeshi batsmen are like suicide bombers with time bombs strapped onto them.

They know they are gonna blow, just not when.

Today they came out with longer fuses. The openers were solid and the middle order got a grip and hung on well.

And Ashraful made runs, slowly, very slowly but he made made them

Sakib added some runs to add his 5fer, which was his 3rd in a row in an innings.

In the end it was a good day out for Bangladesh. Alot of people were expecting them to be rolled over by the end of the day but slow but steadily they took the game to the last day.

Play of the day
Damikka Prasads new ball spell, this guy has the potential to be the Andre Nel of Sri Lanka.

He looks like a phycho,bowled with fire and had a few things to say. Me likes.

If he had a tache, he be a shoe in for a Lionel Richie look alike.


Bangladesh has a chance to make the loss as small as possible.

But You know all it takes is a wicket to trigger a collapse. Sri Lanka just need to be patient and bowl well. Once a wicket comes, the tail shouldn’t offer too many worries for them.

ajantha mendis ashraful dammika prasad dilshan mahela jayawardane sakib al hassan sri lanka v bangladesh

For those who knew, Its good to be back.

For those who dint, well makes no difference to you I guess.

A lot changes in 4 days it seems.

Surprising no one worth their balls, the Kiwis beat the ever increasingly, annoyingly inconsistent Bangladeshi’s. They give you hope then they take it away, cruel.

Mr. Ashawful and co have a long ways to go yet.

The mighty mighty Lions, the Sri Lankan variety, not the British sort, smacked their way to a entertaining win in some far away land with no TV coverage.

Flyslips own Splendid Mendis won the Man of the series as per usual. Old man Sanath gave the crowd some entertainment as well, via his middle finger. Some LTTE supporters, a terrorist group, not a band or such like, apparently hounded some of the lads and Jayasuriya flipped the birdie to let them know how he felt.

Meanwhile back home, following a brilliant review of the Tier System in Sri Lankan domestic cricket by us, SLC decided that NO Tier B teams should enter into Tier A, thus the currently relegated Baduraliya(Tier A last placed) might not be sent into oblivion and become a non news worthy team after all.

In case you missed it, we recommended more teams enter Tier A, having read the report SLC decided to not let any team enter Tier A, we were naturally confused.

So 18 of the 20 teams now seem to be heading for a Boycott of the premier league. Things are not peachy.

Also, Mohammad Ashawful become the first and possibly the last batsmen to publically apologize for playing a bad shot. Sri Lankans have tried tirelessly to get Sanath Jayasuriya to do the same for years. And failed.

We applaud you son, even though we don’t like you that much for playing that shot.

Oh and those two teams in India right now played out some boring draw. A big bear attacked an old man got his rewards, We are proud of you.

Ps- Thanks to NWK for keeping the posts and entertainment going while I was away !

ajantha mendis ashraful australia cameron white domestic india jayasuriya