A bunch of us playing a fantasy draft right now on a cricket forum.

The rules.

What You have to do
You have 11 picks, the order of the picks will be chosen randomly, and the aim of the game is to pick the best possible team from the players available. Once a someone is chosen by a player none of the other players can pick him in their team.You will have one pick at a time.(check the Draft Order)

1)You must pick one player that has played test cricket in every decade since the 30s in your team.(like atleast one form the 30s, atlest one form the 40s and so on)
2)You are only allowed to pick a maximum of two players from any one decade.
3) If a cricketer has played in more than one decade (i.e. the 70s and 80s), you can choose which decade he falls into.

It has turned into an epic battle. After 5 rounds of intense pressure to form a decent side, this is where things are at. We’re –  Mugatiya – Naipolungi XI. At the moment we think SimplePass and PunDMC have formiddable sides. We possibly coming in 4th after Charu.

EDIT: Just picked up Zaheer Abbas in the 6th round. But lost out on Willis and Vaas. Who would have lined up our attack pretty well we thought.



Hello All,

You  may have received a msg yesterday when trying to view the blog about malware and how the site was unsafe to visit and view.

That was basically google going a wee bit nuts after realising what was about to happen in Capetown. There was nothing wrong. All sorted now. We aren’t evil people trying to steal your internet banking details.

Sorry about all the hallabalooo.

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To: All Match Refrees

From: The ICC Committee for Pitch Maintenance

Subject: Guidance for Rating Pitches – Appendix C – Addendum A1

Recent events in the media regarding the integrity of our current Pitch Rating mechanism has caused us to revisit and review the prevailing assessment criteria on the Test Match Pitch and Outfield Reports. As a proactive and dedicated organisation to the continuing improvement of the world game through better pitches and to cater to our most important stakeholder – the fans – we have added an Addendum A1 to Appendix C of the current Manual.

The additional criteria aims at offering a wholly approach to the assessment of a pitch from pre to post match. .

The new assessment points and their guidelines are detailed below.

A)        Assess the body language of players pre-match as a direct correlation to the pitch they are about to engage.

B)        Monitor facebook/twitter activity of Players/Curators and Fan forums before the game for red flags


C)        Analyse and Assess red flag phrases during the end of day press conferences.

D)        Assess the overall event to gauge the impact of the pitch for the Quality of content on offer for Fans


Pitch Definitions For Reference


Almost exclusively prepared by Rebel curators who pay no heed to the guidelines that the ICC has provided. Financially unviable and will require immediate upgrade to at least a Rating of Good. Provides no capacity for batsmen to execute their skills early in the game. A result is guarantee but as a governing body we have a responsibility to the consumer to provide an opportunity better Quality Cricket. As such these much be gotten rid of. Please contact your supervisor immediately if you grade a pitch in this category.


A pitch receiving this rating is highly unlikely. These are now all but extinct and only spoken about in folklore. There are rumours that some may still exist in Australia and in England but recent performances by both home countries have made that very hard to believe. These pitches offered games that lasted all 5 days with equal opportunity for bat and ball. A result was a strong possibility

Excellent / Quite Superb

This is the crème de le crème of pitch preparation. These are financial gold mines. The only downside is the number of bowlers queuing up to the complaints box after matches. Predictable games offering the best value for money for the fans. Results are unlikely but we will be privileged to definitive cricket; Less than <5 degree movement as measured by a Protractor on day 1 and 2. Comfortable batting on all 5 days. Some turn after the post lunch session on Day5.

flyslip icc


“The cold, hard facts are we haven’t won the games the other teams have won, and if we had I don’t think a lot of the negativity would have been around.”

I feel the same way really, not writing a post would mean a post doesn’t appear on this blog and no one would be able to read it. Assuming someone still knows this blog exists.

We hope to rectify that in the coming days and months.

flyslip ponting