Best Ideas for Golf Gifts

gifts for golfers who have everything

Today we present golf gifts, so gift ideas for golfers. Finding a suitable present for a birthday or Christmas is difficult for many people. For golfers, it’s easy, there’s a wide selection of golf gifts.

The best golf gifts

Numerous golf gifts can be found in the lower price range up to twenty euros, the golf gifts are popular in the middle price range up to one hundred euros. There is no limit to the top and there are complete sets for many thousands of euros. We hope our gift ideas will help you to find the perfect gifts for golfers who have everything.


1) Golf Gifts: Keychain and bottle opener

Popular golf gift ideas include bottle openers or key fobs, the choice is huge. On offer are trailers with a golf ball or a small golf club. Practical are the key chains with a pitchfork or a ball marker, both can use the golfer on a round. Important for golf beginners is a hand counter for the blows that he needs to the hole. For ladies there are counting chains with colored beads.


2) Golf Gifts: Golf Balls

Golf balls are very important in golf and therefore always welcome as a birthday present or a Christmas present. Golf balls are offered in all price ranges, in a small box are three balls. Experienced golfers have a favorite brand and they are sure to be on their wish list. Funny are colored golf balls with a printed smiley face. For beginner golfers, low-priced golf balls or lakeballs in nets or bags are suitable because the rate of loss is high.


3) Golf Gifts: Gift box for golfers

Practical are the ready assembled golf gifts. In such a box are golf balls, tees, ball markers and a pitch fork, things the golfer uses on each round. Some sets include a golf towel to clean the golf balls and clubs during a round of golf. From every known golf brand there are the golf towels with an embroidered or printed logo. A carabiner helps to attach the towels to the golf bag.


4) Golf gifts: salt and pepper shakers

Other inexpensive golf gifts include salt and pepper shakers or a pen holder in the form of a golf bag. Some golfers are happy about a new doormat with the theme of favorite sport. Card games with golf themes are on offer, and passionate golfers drink coffee from a cup in the shape of a golf ball or golf bag.


5) Golf Gifts: Golf Books

To deepen their knowledge of golf, golf enthusiasts like to work with textbooks or guidebooks for golf. The selection is large, there are books on the history of golf and on the golf rules. In addition, there are numerous books with tips to improve the handicap. Well-known golf professionals give tips for the perfect golf swing. Also on offer are golf books for absolute beginners, such as Golf for Dummies by Gary McCord, which is a great golfing gift.


6) Golf Gifts: Putting Mat

A really great gift for golfers is a putting mat. Too many putts affect the game result negatively. That’s why golfers often train on the green. At home, the golfer practices on a putting mat. The offered mats are made of polyester or artificial turf. Some have built in obstacles as well as a hole. The PGA Tour Putting Mat is 275 centimeters long, with different putt positions.


7) Golf Gifts: Putt trainers and analyzers

Even better is a putt trainer, he helps to align on the green. Well-known golf coaches like David Leadbetter offer putt coaches. Alternatively, putt analyzers are also used. The golfer can attach the small GSA IOS golf putting analyzer to the handle of the putter, the golfer then analyzes his putt on his smartphone.


8) Golf Gifts: swing analysis device

Another golf gift for advanced players is a swing analysis device. For the swing analysis numerous devices are on the market. With the help of these devices, golfers can assess and improve their golf swing on the iPad, iPhone or PC. The devices are attached to the handle of the racket or the striking hand. Practical are the golf swing analysis devices from Score Industries, they fit on every racket and provide a visual aid for a perfect racket position.


9) Golf Gifts: Rangefinder

Meanwhile, rangefinders are allowed on the golf course at tournaments, they are a welcome golf gift. On offer are simple digital rangefinders for 20 euros, there are laser rangefinders for 170 euros. Popular among golfers are the GPS rangefinders in the form of a wristwatch. Highly recommended is the rangefinder from Bushnell seen in the picture.


10) Golf Gifts: Golf clubs

Golf beginners are looking forward to a complete set. Beginner’s golf bags cost about 250 euros. On offer are complete sets for men and women as well as right or left-handed people from many famous golf brands. A golf trolley is more comfortable for a big round on a hilly golf course. These golf gifts are priced between 50 and 200 euros.

We hope you enjoyed our list of gifts for golfers and you found a suitable Christmas or birthday present.