Has a lead of 160 right now. If they can get this close to 200 or beyond we could be in for a rare treat.

Pontings dismissal a few overs ago was MASSIVE, hence me typing it in caps.

Everything depends on Johnson, Hauritz and Siddle to eek out as many run as possible.

With around 15 overs left in the day, Australia’s first target must to be to see it to the close of play without letting the SA bat today.

However, unlike JP Duminy for SA, Australia don’t have any front line batsmen remaining

South Africa

With another outstanding bowling performance and picking up wickets at all the right moments, you’d be a very silly man to not bet on them.

But unlike big chases of over 400, where no one really gives you a chance, small totals often offer you a trickier proposition.

A couple of early wickets and who knows how the cookie will crumble.

We will see just how much a certain Mr. Warne is missed on a day like today (or tomorrow)

Calling it

This match and series has had more twists and turns than having sex with a yoja master.

So its incredibly hard to predict one session from the next.

That said, it’s looking increasingly hard not to call it for the Saffers.

Anything over 200 and I’d give Australia an outside chance.

What say you ?

Edit: As I type Siddle goes and SA’s chances just went up 10 fold

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