Lasith Malinga is set to unveil a new delivery which has sent world cricket in to pandemonium. Calamitously, we were less than enthused. Which naturally surprised us. This caused to have a serious talk with ourselves. Which we hate because we are generally sure we are right. Also, it looks odd when you talk to yourself.

We went into an almost Buddhist like self reflection state. Slowly the corroded metal we have for a brain started to churn it self over and as we realised why are not that excited about Malinga anymore. True he still has super star makings. Any Sri Lankan with blonde hair is at least worth  a casual mention. But Malinga has separated himself from the pack and become a self professed freelance cricketer. That is all well and good for him. But not us.

We stay up wondering how Dinesh Chandimal will face up against Saeed Ajmal at Galle. We ponder the bowling line up best suited to dismantle Pakistan at home. We smirk when we picture Arjuna as a pinata that can be clubbed and explodes into a pieces of Kottu.

But a new ball by Malinga isn’t something we want or in fact care about in particular. It’s hard not think ‘is this what is has come down to?’. While Malinga will probably continue to be a symbol for marketeers and the casual fan of modern Sri Lankanism, we have fallen out of love with him.

This isn’t a personal begrudging at all. We still enjoy the yorkers and excitement he brings to a game. And we still secretly hope that he will magically grow a new knee and will be able to play test cricket again. But as any youtube clip will tell you, its not that hard to trick someone into thinking you can levitate.We have never disliked a cricketer. Apart from Sreesanth.And we don’t dislike Malinga. It is a classic case of not him but us.

Malinga’s new delivery might turn into a new revolution. But it wont be one we are particularly keen on.

lasith malinga

Lasith Malinga has won a 2020 game. With the bat. We didn’t see any of it. Not Live at least. We are not bothered by it. It’s ok he can do whatever he wants. It doesn’t affect us. In fact, Lasith can very well go and shave his head or take 10 wickets in 10 balls. We are not bothered.He could even bowl his 24 ball spell with only yorkers. Or break a stump. Or a bat. It would not enter our thoughts.

We could well be witnessing the prime of one the greatest cricketers that Sri Lanka has turned out from our factory of unorthodxy. We are thinking – Meh.

Someone could very well say that watching Malings in full flight, blonde hair caught in the air, index finger raised has possibly made us cry in joy. But we would deny it to our grave.

You could say he is the only Sri Lankan bowler who genuinely inspires fear in batsmen these days. And we would rebuke it with – Ya, whatever.

Did we peruse the internet like a deranged maniac, mouth foamed with coffee induced sleep apnia for an interview with his mom  for confirmation when we heard a rumour that he might be pulling on his white flannels again. Abosolutely not.

Sure, we concede that we have at times, very rarely I must press, watched illegal streaming highlights of your performances. But that was followed by an immediate feeling of guilt and always a wave of depression. It doesn’t mean anything.

Don’t get us wrong. We are glad you are doing well and making all those Indians happy. But please dont expect us to stay up late watching you to make me feel proud to be Sri Lankan. And lay off MS while you are at it.



lasith malinga

Has been phenomenal so far. For a year Sri Lanka were without the services of the eyebrow pierced, funky hairdo one. And were worse for it in a big big way.

Since his return in Feb of 2009 he has been playing plenty of 2020 cricket, in fact its the only format he has been playing since he his comeback against India in Colombo. I guess what they say about practice making things perfect is true cuz Malinga has 2020 bowling down to an art.

It mostly consists of yorkers, with a sprinkling of low full tosses followed by more yorkers. And its finished off with of course the yorkers.  In international 2020s this year he has picked up 10 wickets at 15. In the IPL he managed 18 wickets at 17.

While these wicket numbers are not remarkable, in the context of 2020 cricket and in this year, Malinga has been fucking lethal.

Before the selectors decided to drop Malinga due to injuries, he was a ghost of his former self. His pace had dropped, his X factor had diminished. He averaged 30 in ODIs in 2008, compared to his career 25. But those are just stats, Malinga just was not the threat he was in 2007. Something changed. There were rumours that some people had asked him to straighten his arm more to ensure his longevity in the game.

If someone did tell him that, then we would like to extend a heartfelt, fuckyouverymuch, from all of us here at theflyslip.

Whatever it was, it was on top of an ankle/knee injury, and the selectors showed a lot of vision to get him out of the side and get him back to full fitness. He could have been Sri Lanka’s Flintoff or Simon Jones. Instead he is cranking  up the heat on international batsmen after a years full rest.

And its not just his comeback wickets that inspire. His pace, his control is immaculate at this point. With Vass fading on the horizon, SL needed a man they could depend on. Someone Sangakkara could turn to. A year ago many would have doubted Malinga would be that man.

With him in the the bowling line up, SL is guaranteed a balanced attack.

Sangakkara can throw him the white ball and he is bound to get an over of yorkers. Slinga himself seems to have matured. Gone are the wild celebrations, although we wish he would pull those out once in a while. And the hair is understated by his standards. But he is a better bowler so I’ll take that any day.

The key will be when SL return to test cricket. With a ball that swings less, it would be interesting to see how Malinga copes in a format where you cant really rely on yorkers all the time for success. When you don’t have to be going at 10 rpo, its an easier task to dig out the yorker and prop over for a single.

It is a test Malinga is hopefully relishing.

icc 2020 world cup lasith malinga sri lanka

Sanath Jayasuriya, has to come into a bit of red matter, from Star Trek, use it to cause  a space time continuum anomaly, which will in turn cause a black hole, which he must travel through, leading him back in time, to meet his 1996-1999 swashbuckling self and swap places.

Dilshan needs to realise he is not Sri Lankas Sehwag. There are deliveries, in the course of a cricket match, that cannot be hit to the boundary. Besides, Dilshanalogy just doesn’t sound right.

‘Calamity’ Jehan, needs to not bat at no3. In fact , it would would be to the benefit of everyone concerened, if he does not bat at all.

Mahela Jayawardene, needs to get over this nonsense of the forward defensive being his favorite shot.

King Kumar, needs to express himself a bit better with the bat, rather than spending all his time expressing his views on others and creating comfort zones from which he can then get out of.

Chamara Silva, needs to get back to cricketing wilderness, he seems more comfortable there than out in the middle.

Farveez ‘the roof’ Maharoof, needs to change his run up the one Ballalji has, cuz that shit is funny as hell.

Splendid Mendis, needs to reset his memory chip, which was embedded in the back of his head after removing shrapnel from Lahore, to the days when he made Dravid and co look like me batting right handed, or even left handed for that matter.

Murali should do fine, as long as no match is in a 15 mile radius from Oxford.

Lasith Malinga, needs to reinvent himself, so that he learns to bowl deliveries other than yorkers. I mean who wants to see Yorker after Yorker anyway. Really.


Nuwan ‘smiley face’ Kulesekara, needs to be injected with whatever the hell they injected Logan with before he became Wolverine and caused him to be so pissed off all the time.  For fucks sake, act like a fast bowler for once. Stare, drop kick some stumps, roar like a beast after every ball. Whatever, just get it done.

ajantha mendis chamara silva dilshan jayasuriya jehan mubarak lasith malinga maharoof mahela jayawardane murali nuwan kulesekara sangakkara

It wasnt a fairy tale comeback I was hoping for.

You know a cool 2 in 2 or a 5 in 5.

He went for 38 off his 4.

But more importantly he looked good and assured in his action and delivery. None of the apprehensive bullshit coming off an injury.

SO well done to the support staff for holding him back.

It was all there.

The yorkers.

The bushy afro-hair or whatever the hell it is.

The smile.

The highlights.

But what I love about this guy is the passion he brings into the team.

And the hope he inspires in every one of his deliveries.

He looks ready for ODIs and probably not for tests.

They say that will be in 2010 – The Year of the Slinga.

lasith malinga