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Sri Lanka win a test series

There are 3 year old babies who have never known a Sri Lankan test series win. And its finally come. Mahela is posting on Cricinfo about it. Posing with trophies. The whole proverbial nine yards. But something is still amiss. When Kumar Sangakkara started shaking hands with Misbah and the end of the 5th day, [...]

Sri Lanka 1st Test – Report Card

The first test is done. So we thought we might try our hand at a little report carding. Paranavitana. Plucked out of the opener’s carousel and slotted into be Dilshan’s latest partner. Although going by stats Paranavithana and Dilshan form Sri Lanka’s 2nd best opening combination in history. We liked bringing him back. Slow yes [...]

Mahela has a good day

It’s always interesting listening to all the international commentators talk so highly of Mahela, when most Sri Lankans rate him as alright at home and a bit pants away. And then there are days like today when the disparity of his home and away record is as unimportant as Roshan Abeysinghes infomercials on SL cricketers [...]

The blank stare and the pursed lips are back

Along with the shriek of happiness, which for a moment makes you think that a cheerleader at the ground as been pinched in her bum. Those however, have been a little on the low side owing to the fact that Sri Lanka haven’t won anything yet. But the trademark undecipherable stare off into the distance [...]

A good year ?

Mahela Jayawardene is the captain of Sri Lanka. Again. This is generally viewed as a good thing. But there is a catch. He will only stick around in the job for a year. Of this, we are not sure about. In fact we do not agree with it at all. That Sri Lanka needed a [...]