The Indian Premier League will be in South Africa.

While you try to wrap your head around that – Lalit Modi is crouched over a table in a dark room, smoking his 2nd pack for the day, his top shirt button undone, tie loosened, punching his calculator trying to figure out how much money he will make, or loose, in IPL round 2.

While Lalit Modi figures that out we dabble in putting forth the top 5 batsmen we think will make the biggest impact.

Our top 5 batting picks.

5. Graeme Smith– You can count on Smith. He is a man so cool under pressure you feel at ease just by looking at him. He racked up the runs for Shane Warne when it mattered last year and playing at home in front of his home crowds will lift the big man.

4.Brendan Mcullum– Mcullum gave the IPL a start that even Lalit Modi couldn’t have engineered. His big hitting is an art form. Brendan has learnt the virtue of consistency and from the looks of things in NZ over the summer, he is ready for another rumble in the jungle.

3.Adam Gilchrist– If you want clean hitting then look no further. Gilchrist still gives me nightmares after what he did to Sri Lanka in the world cup final. Has plenty of experience in SA and will want to prove to Australia and the world what they are missing out on. Plus he walks. What more can you ask for.

2.Kevin Peitersen – Big egos need to be watered all the time. The IPL gives KP the ‘prime time’ opportunity to expand his self love and in doing so provide us with some switch hitting genius. The IPL was made for KP and KP for it. He will be keen to prove his 1mil+ worth. Probably at the expense of some hapless bowler. Good thing Mick Lewis ain’t around.

1.Jesse Ryder – We have just witnessed the birth of a Giant. And that’s no poke at Jesses’ hefty size. Well it is, but Ryder seems to have the natural gift of time. Ample of it when facing the ball and its perfection when hitting it. Its Ryders first time out in the IPL and if he can stay sober he might light the whole show on fire.

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As Australia heads for one of the biggest losses in their recent history, Lil Bangladesh is slowly working their way through the Kiwi top order.

Right now the key remains Vettori and Taylor.

A partnership of some substance will see the kiwis home.

But a couple of wickets will make have them singing a different tune.

Sakib is having an absolute sensational game. With still 100 + runs in the arrears this spells a very close prospect.

However, with Flinn, Mccullum and Oram to come, Kiwis are odds on favorites.

I’d love to see the Bangladeshi’s pull off a win here.

Meanwhile reports are now coming in that Ian Smith has been shun in commentary box as he becomes increasingly distraught with each kiwi wicket that falls.

Smith has apparently covered him self in a bedsheet in the corner of the press area and has been heard to be reciting mantra’s hoping that the Kiwis can pull off the win.

Some say he’s even got the crazy – eyes on him. People have scrambled to locate Jessie Ryder to nip this disaster in the bud ,but as so far been unable to find him since he left the dressing room for an early lunch.

Edit: as I post this Taylor goes!

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