So the test series ‘of the summer’ got off to the cracking start we predicted. Today was a day of test cricket. None of that yahoo-tomfoolery white ball stuff. A hard grind, where neither team was ever really on top.

12 wickets

300 runs.

Doesn’t get better than that. Specially in the Sub-C.

Sri Lanka

Are always wobbly against good pace/swing. And today was no different. Warnapura needs to come up with an innings that makes me believe he is a test opener. Right now he is one off side swish away from earning a monumental earful from us.

SL were never really in the game, but they weren’t ever out of it either. The middle order and the lower order showed a lot of fight today. Which is always a good thing. Sangakkara got a good one early.

Paranavitana played an important innings. Sure he was dropped twice but you gotta make the most of it. A century was probably asking for too much. The kid showed guts and he is already looking twice the opener Warnapura is.


Younis Khan is a wily old fella. Read the pitch well. Picked the right combo. Pity their hands turned to butter. Pakistan could have easily had Sri Lanka for under 250. Instead they are looking at 300. On this pitch you would think that is around the par to above average score.

Aamer looks a gem. There were whispers of the new Akram. There are shades but he is only 17. The older and stronger he gets the more tricky he is gonna become. Cant wait.

A lot now depends on Younis, who seems to be in the thick of all Pakistani fortunes these days. A wicket early tommorow and SL will count them selves to be on top.

Splendid will be the big threat. If they can negate him, Herath should not pose too much trouble. It will be case of SL always just being a wicket away from being back in the game tomorrow.

Play of the day.

Pakistan dropped 3-4 catches today. But Akmals drop off Mahela was beauty. It was so straight forward that your grandma woulda cought it sitting on their wheel chair. It was also an important drop. Because the Mahela-Paranavitana partnership put Sri Lanka back on track before lunch.

Akmal we salute you.

Balls of the day

Paranavitana and Aamer share the balls. Although we hope not their own with each other.


Wickets in your first over on debut and making King Kumar look like an English county player. Wear those clangers with pride young paduwan.

Paranavitana – its been a rough ride for the young man but today he used his brains and balls to good effect. A good innings up top was desperately needed and he rode his luck to produce solid knock.

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To be fair to Mendis, there really arnt too many bowlers who can stop Sanath and Tendulkar when they are in that kind of mood.

Brutal, murderous and calculated. Sanath would have seen Mendis in the nets for ages so it would have been easier for him to pick him. But Tendulkar who had trouble with his back in Colombo took him apart in the brilliant way only he can.

1-0 Tendulkar in this IPL with round two just 4 days away.

His first 12 balls went for 28.

His last 12 for 11. Which tells the story of the match. It was won through the bats of the one of the most lethal opening pairs in this competition.

Once you go for over a 100 in 52 balls in a 2020, you are not going to be making too many come backs.

Mendis didnt get too much turn and he seemed a little lost in the middle of the assault. To his credit he kept tossing it up. Which dint help cuz they ended up being too full.

Another tough lesson for the prodigy. And he needs to learn in quick time.

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Sri Lanka

Making the best use of a flat pitch Sri Lanka have piled on the runs and misery. It was so good that they broke a world record. So one sided that Thilan scored a double ton. 230 at 72 is something you can hardly ignore.

It has upped his average 3 pts to 48 in a single innings. At one point it looked like SL would bat on till a 1000. Luckily they dint make the same mistakes as England a few days ago.

If Mahela wanted to go out on a high in this two test series, he has already managed that in an innings. 250 was looming when the soon to be ex got out to the already ex captain of Pakistan.

But if this is what Mahela has to offer when he is only thinking about giving up the captaincy, for fucks sake don’t wait till the end of the series,I say give it up now.

After losing 3-30 SL declared, Pakistan put on a swift 40, showing how annoyingly dead the pitch was.

Now the task is up to FLY SlIPS own SPLENDID MENDIS and that guy Murali. Who already has a wicket and is looking threatening.


If Pakistan were watching the highlights today they would have had to fast forward the tape, or dvd a fair distance to see them involved in something positive.

When the opposition pile up 600 runs there usually aren’t any good bowler performances. Pakistan did nothing to remedy that situation.

Kaneria bowled nearly 50 overs for his 3 wickets.

The Pakistani spinners bowled 82 overs for 310 for a return of 5 wickets.Yes, the pitch was slow, and it didn’t offer any help, but Pakistan problem is that they don’t have a bowler that would worry Bangladesh at the moment.

The quicks are steady but there isnt anything special about them.

The spinner(s), Danish ‘Pastry’ Kaneria, didn’t look like creating anything special.

They seem leaderless and Younis khan seems to have disappeared on the field altogether.

The one positive is that this pitch will be the same for their batters, so any sort of partnership on day 3 would mean SL will be facing the same problems.

But at least they have Murali, Mendis, Vass, names that wont necessarily scare the life out of a batting side, but names that know how to get wickets on these types of pitches. There will always be a threat through the day and thats the biggest worry for Pakistan.

Where to now

If Pakistan pick up runs in the morning session and put up a partnership, SL might be facing the same task they did.

The pitch is a shit hole for test cricket, nothing in it for fast bowlers and certainly nothing in it for spinners except slow turn, which is not much of a concern in modern cricket.

With the prospect of this breaking up and Pakistan having to bat last on it, this innings will be vital if they are to save this match.

At the moment a draw looks the best bet, unless Mendis and Murali rip Pakistan apart like they did India a few months ago.

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Gentleman and Ladies,

It was a difficult night for all of us here at the flyslip. We stayed up all night, hitting the caffeine, pressing F5 at intervals of 30 seconds exactly to see if there was to be any news of the injury to our man.

Why do humans need ankles. Why did evolution create such a useless piece of bone and ligaments

How many of us actually use our Ankle for anything.

Does it help you get laid ? A job ? The answer is no my friends. It is useless and I pray for a day when we evolve into ankleless creatures.

Bloody hell it even stops us from rotating our feet 360 degrees. Which is something we all secretly want.

After the initial shock we realized our Splendid will only be out for a few weeks. Which is ok I guess.

Some people asked me why I am so worried because we are ONLY facing Bangladesh next up.

Clearly these people did not see the Zimbabwe series.

Anywho, we killed the night thinking about a world without Mendis, all I can say it just wont be the same.

–    We would have to endure watching Jehan Mubarak bowl
–    Murali will have the spotlight again
–    No one to save Captain Marvelous from embarrassment
–    Teams will end up scoring more than a 100 runs against us

And finally

–    Our batsmen will actually have to score ‘runs’.

Which is a task beyond their capabilities at the moment.

Its also good to note that Malinga also got hit with this ridiculous ankle knack and he’s been out for more than 10 months or something now.

Hopefully Splendid will be rested and recovers sooner.

ajantha mendis mendis

Mother Fucker.

Fuck Ankles

Fuck the premier league

Fuck the idiot the who told our beloved Splendid to play for his club.

Fuck the captain who wrote his name on the team sheet.

Fuck the company that made the pen that the captian used.

I knew some fucking retarded bullshit like this would happen sooner or later.

Why ? Why ? Why ?

I go to temple whenever I get the chance.

I dont steal or lie, knowingly.

I never killed anyone.

I give money to beggars when I see them on the road.

My fucking Karma should be good.

I should have credit on that motherfucker.

All I can say is – Bangladesh you are some lucky mother fuckers.

No, thats wrong.

You know those fuckers who always win the 3billion dollar loterry when you win absolutely shit.

You are luckier than those fuckers.

You are luckier than those fat rich fuckers who get to fuck hot supermodels who otherwise couldnt get laid by a fucking giraffe

Luckier than those orphans who get picked up by some American actor as their fucking hobby.

Fuck them , fuck you.

Fuck it all.