True story.

With Sri Lanka scheduling a humdinger of a tri series with India and Bangladesh, it now appears that Victorias only chance of a half decent spinner since Warney playing for them has gone out the window.

We are talking about Murali of course, that guy who may or may not have thrown a few years ago at the G.

It would have been quite interesting if Murali had made it over here. Every time He has toured since that day in 1995, he has got booed all across Australia.

Victorians have been as guilty as all of them and we wondered what kind of reception Murali would get down there.

Going from ‘You chucking brown cunt’ to ‘Ah that Murali is  a genius’ would have been a bit of a stretch even for the Australians.


When your country takes part in a major world event that have the eyes of the world, and we mean the entire world, such as the uber cool ICC Champions trophy, you cannot help but get sucked in to believing they will do well.

Even though there are plenty of signs to the contrary and know you will end up looking like a fucktard to your self, let alone others.

Sri Lanka are ranked 7 or 8th in the ICC rankings. I don’t know exactly because no one really cares unless you are in the top 3.

There is a reason for that. Actually there are plenty of them.  The problem with Sri Lanka is that when they are good, they are really good.

But when they are bad they are as entertaining as a Britney Spears song.

The results over the last two years reflect this to a tee. 27 wins to 25 losses. Good one day, shithouse the next.

Over the last year or so the Sri Lankan top order all have averages below 35, apart from Dilshan who just happens to be in the form of his new life with 49.

And without Sangakkara’s support it really would have been a one man effort.

The general demise of our own Splendid Mendis as a potent threat and his relative shitting himself without Murali has cast small shadow of doubt, even in our minds,  about whether he can lead the attack in his stead.

While most were surprised that Sri Lanka were knocked out of the Champions trophy, for anyone who have followed them over the last two years it was a typical performance.

A rampaging backed up by engaging in the worst possible act in world cricket- losing to England in an ODI.

In 25 games or so, Sri Lanka have only managed to get past 250 on 9 occasions. They simply do not bad consistently well enough to win matches regularly.

That is why they are ranked some where no one cares about, Have no batsmen in the top 10 ODI rankings, keep losing at home and have been sent home packing from SA.

Sangakkara might think Sri Lanka’s fielding is appalling, but their batting is not much better.

ajantha mendis dilshan icc champions trophy 2009 jayasuriya murali sangakkara splendid mendis

Few people talk about  Murali’s all round capability. Some would argue that is because he has no such ability. Todays performance heaped bucket loads of egg on those peoples faces.

Murali, as we all know now, is a bit of an unorthodox player. He is a non conformist in every sense of the word. This lends it self into his batting as well. His batting technique is unique to him. Kind of like Philip Hughes. But he doesn’t get dropped for it.

Today it was in full flow. It is a curious mixture of precise footwork, usually to the leg side,  and immense hand eye-coordination only a player like Murali can pull off. His first 4 balls went for 1, 4,6,4. In four balls his wagon wheel had lines all around the wicket, including a brilliantly angled shot over the keeper.

He ended up with 32 off 15. What made it even more remarkable was that Sri Lanka were 7-173 when he strode in with his arm guard and massive eyes. A knock like that in a situation takes plenty of testicular effort. Or as the kids say it – it took balls.

But for a man with a good 610 ODIs runs in his 329 games pressure does not really register.

I think he got some wickets too in the end. All Rounders are good like that you know.

murali sri lanka v pakistan 2009

Two wins with the bowlers dominating. For those watching the Ashes you are excused for thinking it’s old goggle eyes up to his tricks again.

There was no Murali. No sir. I didn’t even see him in the dressing rooms. No Murali in sight and still Pakistan collapsed for


in 3 consecutive innings.

Quite amazing really. So the question everyone is asking at the Kottu roti joints in SL is do we still need him to win test matches?

Sri Lankas bowling has never been stronger. Nuwan and Mirando seems to have found an unexpected groovyness together.

Herath has entered the fray and shown us the threat he can become.

Splendid has discoverd test cricket is no walkabout. But he has shown what he can do.

Malinga is on the verge of playing test cricket again.

Prasad is chomping at the bit to be let loose.

Mathews is also learning the trade.

So do we still need Murali? Absofuckenlutely. I would still play Murali in test if we had Warne and Mcgrath bowling for us.

SL have won 58 tests in their history. Of those Murali has been involved in 51. You dont just ignore that.

Specially now at a time when Mendis seems to have lost a bit of his Splendidness.

murali sri lanka v pakistan 2009

Knees are important in this game of cricket. I mean look at Micheal Vaughan. His knee made him retire.

Simon Jones had knee problems and now he just flirts with English selection. Actually in Jones’s case everything below his torso seems to have an issue. Except with the ladies. Who really enjoy his torso.

Now Murali has gone and done his knee in. Just before a test series too. How many Pakistani batsmen will be enjoying their Kottus and getting some good sleep tonight. Of course if your last name was Butt you probably wouldn’t sleep well on most nights.

So this has really tipped the scales in the first test. Murali might play second fiddle in 20 over matches to Malinga and Mendis but with a red ball the man is still a genius. And he does well against the Pakistanis too.

And at Galle. With an average of 17 he is only 4 short of a 100 wickets in 13 games. If I averaged that at a ground, I would make sweet love to the pitch after every game. That is not to say Murali doesn’t

So all this means is that our man, Splendid Mendis leads the spin attack for the first time in his career. These are exciting times for us. After Lahore the great man has been finding his range again. In a nutshell, its a glimpse into the future of Sri Lankan cricket. When Murali has retired and Mendis is numero uno under King Sanga. Who shall never retire and play on till his last breath is taken or his knees give out.

See, We told you knees are important.

ajantha mendis flyslip murali pakistan v sri lanka