Greetings. We are back from our hiatus. Obviously.

Bigger (literally – thanks to Moms cooking) and hopefully with a few new tricks up our sleeves. There is plenty to get to. But all in good time. It is a little diffucult to keep up with the SL cricket news these days. Unconfirmed reports have filtered through to us that the Sri Lankan team cook has been sacked and will possibly be replaced by Dilhara Fernandos mom who is reputed to be an excellent cook of Kiri Bath and Sri Lankan curries.

In the meantime, we have actually recorded a podcast. It has everything you could possibly want. Me saying a lot of  ‘you know’ like a valley girl. Horrible production. Ranjith Fernando. Bad sound. And Arnold Schwarzenegger.



This time arond we talk about Dilshan and how he lost the captaincy + how badass Thilan is.

Pls feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. If you have any complaints about my nasaly voice please direct them to my parents.

Part I – Dilshan and Captaincy

Part II – Thilan is badass

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