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we would have chucked something else..


Sri Lanka v Bangladesh – a chance at redemption

2008 has not been a particularly good year for Sri Lankan cricket. It was a year riddled with inconsistent performances, lack of quality test cricket and a cricket board in turmoil.The test team had limited opportunities with Sri Lanka only playing 5 games. Although managing to win 3 of those, a win was usually followed [...]

Arjuna is an honorable man

First, a bit of Irony. About a month ago the BCCI threatened to cut off all Bi Lateral ties with Sri Lanka. After Mumbai, India are talking about strengthening the Asian block again. Its a bit sad that so much devastation was needed for people to open their eyes when people like scorpicity from cricfizz [...]

Graeme Labrooy gets fucked up the ass by an invisible dick

No one knows how it happened but a few nights ago Labrooy was bumped from behind and left reeling. For those who might not know, which might be many of you, Labrooy was in fact the chief match referee of the SLC. As chief match referee Labrooy had power over the umpires committee and that’s [...]

Another day at SLC Junior High…

Yesterday at around noon, Mahela and Kumar Sagakkara become victims of another vicious attack by the play ground bullies. The bullies threw their toys on the floor and chucked their lunches into the sandbox. Mahela and Kumar had been so looking forward to their chicken sandwiches but had to go home in tears. When the [...]