Where were you when Sachin got the 100th 100?

We were asleep. On the couch. Trying to watch Up All Night. There’s irony for you. In fact we were gloriously oblivious to it until the 2nd time we logged onto Cricinfo today. It wasn’t even top news.

Our immediate reaction was ‘Oh thank god now we can all finally move on’. Which can’t be too far away from what Sachin himself must have felt.

Then we started to wonder how significant it was at all. In the end it will just add to the pile of centuries he scored when India lost. It didn’t come agaist any real opposition. It hasnt revealed anything more significant about Tendular either. Just that he was smart enough to stick it out until he actually achieved it.

Our opinion of him hasn’t changed one bit because of this . He has gone from being possibly the best batsmen of the modern era to being possibly the best batsmen of the modern era. Which he probably hasn’t been ever since the media brewed up this contrived ‘record’.

In between all that shrubbery he has looked sublime at times. We saw him being this at the SCG first hand. He’s scored a few immaculate half centuries but no one bothered with those at all. When you are Sachin, your lack of achievement makes your achievements look sedentary.

Let the count down to the 50th ODI hundred begin.



sachin tendulkar

Some of you may think I am a bit late on this post.

Sachin reached this ‘milestone’ a whole 2 days ago. I know this.  What happened was that it actually took all this time for it to sink in.

I was actually following the game on cricinfo, and when he got it, the 200.

I thought, no big deal. I mean, I scored 300 once in a backyard game. Those games are tough as (these Aussies are wearing me down).  If you hit the ball to the houses either side – you are out.  The only boundary is/was straight.

Then someone pointed out that Sachin actually scored this against the South Africans. Which of course is a feat – although not as impressive as my 300 – but still an achievement. SA were once the no1 test side in the world. As Randy Jackson from American Idol would say – That’s mad props yo.

After a bit more digging I realised he’d actually done this at better than a run a ball. The South Africans had even played Dale Steyn, you know that ruthless German from the 3rd Reich who kills babies for his sadistic pleasure.

And to cap it all off his innings actually helped India win.  I thought – Fuck me.

Then I thought -timing,  Sachin you motherfucker.

You see, he’s always had the gift of timing this short fella. I mean who needed a 16 year old upstart to play test cricket and make us all feel inadequate. While I was busy figuring out the front of my bat from the back, this guy was kicking it with test cricketers. Oh how  I hated your well timed arrival. I squarely blame you for the demise of my probably international career due to self – doubt.

Then came those nudges for four past cover.

An on drive that could give your grand father a hard on.

Flicks that seemed to dismember your wrists.

He then timed an in genius comeback in Chennai when most thought he was done.

And he did all this despite being handicapped by his height.

And this 200 is just another one of those things Sachin timed to perfection. A lot of people think that he is a selfish player. How else do you explain the trillion 100s he’s scored.

Think about it – we are pretty sure that ODI cricket will die within the next year or so. Who’s gonna break the record then? No one cuz there wont be 50 over to do it in.

Think about this now – why would someone wait for 20 years when we all knew he was capable of this for at least 15 of those years.

Sachin timed this, he knew what he was doing. He wanted a record that would he his forever. He wanted it and he got it. End of story.

Quite remarkable for someone who timed his growth spurt to end at 16.

sachin tendulkar

To be fair to Mendis, there really arnt too many bowlers who can stop Sanath and Tendulkar when they are in that kind of mood.

Brutal, murderous and calculated. Sanath would have seen Mendis in the nets for ages so it would have been easier for him to pick him. But Tendulkar who had trouble with his back in Colombo took him apart in the brilliant way only he can.

1-0 Tendulkar in this IPL with round two just 4 days away.

His first 12 balls went for 28.

His last 12 for 11. Which tells the story of the match. It was won through the bats of the one of the most lethal opening pairs in this competition.

Once you go for over a 100 in 52 balls in a 2020, you are not going to be making too many come backs.

Mendis didnt get too much turn and he seemed a little lost in the middle of the assault. To his credit he kept tossing it up. Which dint help cuz they ended up being too full.

Another tough lesson for the prodigy. And he needs to learn in quick time.

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Sri Lanka – gift wrapping the initiative

Raise your hands if you thought there would be a run out in the first over.

Gotcha bitch. What an anti-climax.

After the initial slap in the face Sanath and King Sanga looked good. Thats before Sanaths energizer batteries started to run out.

Sangakkara needs to be hung from his stubble for playing the shot he did. It wasn’t needed and it completely stopped SL in their tracks. Sanath was depending on him for a boost at the other end and the wicket was in excusable.

Kandambys innings was exactly what Sri Lanka dint need at the time. It was slow, it took the strike from Sanath and he got out at the wrong time. Thilina’s inexperience told today and hopefully he writes this down in his diary for future reference.

Maharoofs batting is more useful than his bowling these days, so the little bat and ball that appear next to his name in the team sheet is a bit misleading.

Mahela did his best to not come out to bat, and when he did he looked like a man with 100 runs in 12 games or something.

We are not quite sure what we are gonna do with Sanath, he scored his allotted 100 against India and we still lost. That doesn’t happen often. But he looked good and that’s good for the rest of the series.

The opening bowlers let SL down. Leaked too many runs and dint get enough wickets.

After a good partnership for the 2nd wicket, SL were back in business when they got 2 wickets in quick succession.

And with Yuvraj looking like he was shitting his pants when Splendid Mendis got the ball, Mahela decided the best way to exert more pressure was to put next to no fielders in the ring and allow the single.

It worked of course, For Yuvraj.

In the end SL dint get enough runs in the last power play and needs to hold the half chances.

India – Still good without Sehwag.

Not seeing Sehwag caused me to spasm with excitment in my living room.

Later on in the day I was less enthusiastic.

Ghambir has to be ranked as probably the best opener in the world at the moment or close to it.

And then the MSD took over. He looked like he could get out to any ball in the first 2 overs he faced. He didn’t.

He had the cheek to guide balls out of Sanga’s hands to third man and kept hitting straight and worked the nut to all kinds of gaps.

This has become the trademark MSD innings. Scratchy at its extreme but somehow scoring runs. Then slowly reducing the runs needed at his own pace. Later killing the tired bowlers with his good looks and his unwavering facial expression.

Of course he was ably supported by Raina, Sharma and Yuvra and Mahela.

A good win for India but SL has more in the tank to offer.

The SL engine needs to catch up soon to the Indian one, if they dont they will only see Indians burning rubber ahead of them.

Finding their balls moment.

Not that he has lost them but his last few innings have been good without the big one.

You cant keep a good man down, specially when its Sanath V India.

You’d think generations upon generations of being smashed by Sanath would teach the Indian bowlers something, they (Munaf) kept serving it up to him and Sanath just went on his merry way.

Once this man has a start he will only slow down for his 50 and 100. Between and after you better pray your captain doesnt look your way for a ball.

Play of the Day.

Sanath bags this one too, not for the 100 but for when he got filthy with Sanga for getting out in the middle of the countdown to launch off.

Sanga deserved it, and it showed the fire still burns within the 40 year old non virgin.

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The day has ariveth. It is time.

We are about to crown the no1 most likely player(s) to loose their balls in the big BGS starting tomorrow.

But first as with any countdown , a recap.

Coming in at No5 was none other than
Sachin Tendulkar– a healthy dose of elbow knack and being in the middle of a run drought won him the prestigious spot.

At 4 we had
Ricky Ponting– the recently insulted, by Insane Mcgain + Viru Sehwag, with a wondrous average of 12 something in India saw Punter gain this dubious honor.

The top 3 started off with
Rahul Dravid– he of the infamous fab 4, under the cosh, needing runs, we predict he will make none

No2 went to
Anil Kumble– we felt bad about making Punter feel alone, So we added Anil to the list

And now, Drum roll please.

Flyslips 1st EVER No1 player most like to loose his balls is……..

The Australian Spinner.

“Worrying times for 3 players, who will it be.”

Fireworks, rapturous applause, crowd goes insane, not quite insane mcgain insane but you know the good insane.

The Aussie spinner (who ever it might be) is useless

Krejzy eyes career might be over before it began

Cam White’s Kumble wannabes pies is not gonna scare anyone

M.Clarke- is he a bowler now?


Potentially half a dozen balls lost. Thats a lot a nuts. Wont be pretty.
Who will survive the test of the balls? Only time will tell.

So, There you have it folks. The top 5.
Its been a long road, we laughed, we cried, we made you think about balls and losing them.(We know you enjoyed that bit).

So what say?

Do you agree?

Do you vehemently protest?

Let us know. We might just care what you think. Just might.

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