And we are not ashamed to say it. This is mainly due to the fact that it will be shown on free to air television in Australia.  Which is a rare occasion that non Australian matches are actually on. The reasons for us not having paid tv are better explained here.

But there is also another reason. Preity Zinta. Those are not it but is also a part of it.

We would like to bring to your attention a player who we have taken on as our own from the beginning. You will remember him as that terrific bloke who overcame the fact that he played Tier B cricket in Sri Lanka.

I know. Tier B cricket is not something we should mess around with. It’s evil and weird. It’s the reason for  what’s happened to Rhianna. It also killed David Carradine.

We were captivated by this mysterious player from the wrong side of the domestic table.  India learned the full extent of what a Tier B player can do.  It was such pure satanic beauty. We lapped it all up.

We all did. In hindsight, we really had no choice in the matter because it was just so undeniable.

Then the most unthinkable, horrendous thing that could have ever happened – after what happened to Rhianna – happened. The team this human wonder played in got promoted to Tier A. Along with it came shameless conformance to playing proper cricket. Balls.

The man lost his magic and we soon forgot  all about him. But we have been watching him and following him at a distance.  Hoping he would rediscover his evil, cunning, wily ways.

And it seems he finally may have. Playing under the captaincy of  the ‘Mike Brearley of SL domestic 2020 cricket’ –  Jehan Mubarak  – seems to have brought the best out of him. Which in it self is kind of scary,  in a really bad way.

But if his performance in the inter-provincial final is anything to go by- this years IPL might see the return of the one we call Splendid.

His performance will be more important to Sri Lanka than any of the others playing. If he has half a decent tournament  – there will plenty of Sri Lankans who will sleep better.

Regardless – 4 for 9 off 3.2 is a good fucken way to start.

ajantha mendis flyslip ipl splendid mendis

Oh Dreary me.

This series has been built up around a whole bunch of mini shows.

Tendulkars 20th year in cricket. That’s a long time to be playing cricket Sachin. Lucky sod.

The tussle for the ICC No1 Test Ranking. Apparently either team could attain this. Which of course would be confusing to most as England are clearly no1, given that they won the Ashes.

The fact that no one really knows who will play for either team.

Sri Lanka’s batting is probably the same it was when we lost their last. I havent checked but I am sure Sanath Jayasuriya must be playing.

But Sri Lankas bowling will be interesting. We are hoping the selectors don’t do a doosey and actually pick 3 spinners. I mean ok, its India but 3 might be slightly overkill.

Nuwan, Thushara,Herath, Murali , Mathews is our choice. Do we still love Splendid? Yes, but Herath is more interesting and more importantly, in form.

The dude who got shot and King Kumar and his boi-friend Mahela need to bat well. A couple of phycotic centuries from Dilshan wont hurt.

The Indians probably dont know who they will bowl either. Zaheer is always a threat so he might get a go, although the only cricket he’s been playing is probably on his Xbox.

Ishant still rides around on the back of a performance in some test in Australia.

The key will be Harbajan and Mishra, if they are on song – Sri Lanka will struggle.

It will also be King Kumar’s first real test as a test captain.

Ok so may its not gonna be dreary after all.

ajantha mendis anjelo mathews dhoni dilshan flyslip mahela jayawardane prasanna jayawardene sangakkara splendid mendis sri lanka in india 2009 Tharanga Paranavitana thilan thushara tilan samaraweera

When your country takes part in a major world event that have the eyes of the world, and we mean the entire world, such as the uber cool ICC Champions trophy, you cannot help but get sucked in to believing they will do well.

Even though there are plenty of signs to the contrary and know you will end up looking like a fucktard to your self, let alone others.

Sri Lanka are ranked 7 or 8th in the ICC rankings. I don’t know exactly because no one really cares unless you are in the top 3.

There is a reason for that. Actually there are plenty of them.  The problem with Sri Lanka is that when they are good, they are really good.

But when they are bad they are as entertaining as a Britney Spears song.

The results over the last two years reflect this to a tee. 27 wins to 25 losses. Good one day, shithouse the next.

Over the last year or so the Sri Lankan top order all have averages below 35, apart from Dilshan who just happens to be in the form of his new life with 49.

And without Sangakkara’s support it really would have been a one man effort.

The general demise of our own Splendid Mendis as a potent threat and his relative shitting himself without Murali has cast small shadow of doubt, even in our minds,  about whether he can lead the attack in his stead.

While most were surprised that Sri Lanka were knocked out of the Champions trophy, for anyone who have followed them over the last two years it was a typical performance.

A rampaging backed up by engaging in the worst possible act in world cricket- losing to England in an ODI.

In 25 games or so, Sri Lanka have only managed to get past 250 on 9 occasions. They simply do not bad consistently well enough to win matches regularly.

That is why they are ranked some where no one cares about, Have no batsmen in the top 10 ODI rankings, keep losing at home and have been sent home packing from SA.

Sangakkara might think Sri Lanka’s fielding is appalling, but their batting is not much better.

ajantha mendis dilshan icc champions trophy 2009 jayasuriya murali sangakkara splendid mendis

Another fabulous day of test cricket. Pakistan and SL are really living up to the billing of the TEST SERIES OF THE SUMMER.

Sri Lanka

Like we said, were only ever a wicket away from being in the game. And that wicket seemed elusive when Missbaa and Yousuf were pitching tents at the middle.  But Sangakkara kept at it, the bowlers stuck to a game plan and didn’t allow Pakistan to get away. That was important. Had Yousuf and Misbah amped up the scoring rate in their partnership, which they were trying to do late in the post lunch session, SL might have been looking at a lead of over 100.

Props to the SL quicks, and especially Nuwan. I didn’t think his selection over Prasad was the right move. It still probably isn’t on the long run up the dude just keeps doing the work and getting wickets. You cant ignore that.

Herath was a bit unlucky but didn’t have any real zip about him. And Mendis had no real support at the other end. He looked blunt all day. Which is worry given than Pakistan bat last.

SL need 275 plus to make a match of it. And they would need that largely from the top order. If Pakistan get early wickets it is going to be very tough to get any where near that total.


A solid day. Yousuf hasn’t lost his touch. Misbah continues to impress and Shoaib Malik is as annoying as ever. All good things, mind.

The 50 run lead is invaluable and if Aamer can do his first over tricks SL could be in a mess before too long.

But Akmals little innings of 31 could prove to be decisive.  When he came to the middle the lead was 2. So his innings contributed to more than half the lead.  And of the 48 runs that were scored for the last 4 wickets he added 31. He attacked, like he usually does, and for Pakistan, his runs could prove monumentaly important.

Both teams are in this game. And there is no wiff of a draw. Good times.

Play of the day

Angelo Matthews. He is the complete package. After his lovely 40 odd in the first innings. He picked up Younis Khan in his first over. And then cut short Akmals bludgeons with a bulls-eye from Fine leg.

Is there nothing this man can not do ?

Balls of the day

Yousuf. The only man who looked like scoring a hundred, did. Retirement to ICL and back to International cricket. That’s a lot of changes, But Moyo is all class and he hadn’t lost any of it through his roller coaster couple of years.

That takes some special balls. And we applaud them.

ajantha mendis angelo mathews dammika prasad flyslip misbah Mohammad Aamer nuwan kulesekara pakistan v sri lanka sangakkara shoaib malik splendid mendis thilan thushara umar gul younis khan yousuf

So the test series ‘of the summer’ got off to the cracking start we predicted. Today was a day of test cricket. None of that yahoo-tomfoolery white ball stuff. A hard grind, where neither team was ever really on top.

12 wickets

300 runs.

Doesn’t get better than that. Specially in the Sub-C.

Sri Lanka

Are always wobbly against good pace/swing. And today was no different. Warnapura needs to come up with an innings that makes me believe he is a test opener. Right now he is one off side swish away from earning a monumental earful from us.

SL were never really in the game, but they weren’t ever out of it either. The middle order and the lower order showed a lot of fight today. Which is always a good thing. Sangakkara got a good one early.

Paranavitana played an important innings. Sure he was dropped twice but you gotta make the most of it. A century was probably asking for too much. The kid showed guts and he is already looking twice the opener Warnapura is.


Younis Khan is a wily old fella. Read the pitch well. Picked the right combo. Pity their hands turned to butter. Pakistan could have easily had Sri Lanka for under 250. Instead they are looking at 300. On this pitch you would think that is around the par to above average score.

Aamer looks a gem. There were whispers of the new Akram. There are shades but he is only 17. The older and stronger he gets the more tricky he is gonna become. Cant wait.

A lot now depends on Younis, who seems to be in the thick of all Pakistani fortunes these days. A wicket early tommorow and SL will count them selves to be on top.

Splendid will be the big threat. If they can negate him, Herath should not pose too much trouble. It will be case of SL always just being a wicket away from being back in the game tomorrow.

Play of the day.

Pakistan dropped 3-4 catches today. But Akmals drop off Mahela was beauty. It was so straight forward that your grandma woulda cought it sitting on their wheel chair. It was also an important drop. Because the Mahela-Paranavitana partnership put Sri Lanka back on track before lunch.

Akmal we salute you.

Balls of the day

Paranavitana and Aamer share the balls. Although we hope not their own with each other.


Wickets in your first over on debut and making King Kumar look like an English county player. Wear those clangers with pride young paduwan.

Paranavitana – its been a rough ride for the young man but today he used his brains and balls to good effect. A good innings up top was desperately needed and he rode his luck to produce solid knock.

ajantha mendis mahela jayawardane malinda warnapura mendis Mohammad Aamer splendid mendis sri lanka v pakistan younis khan yousuf