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The team Chris Gayle’s in

I am not sure who or what they are. Except that they are pretty shit. Plus they can’t play cricket. Even calling this team by it’s real name makes me squirm a little at the workplace. So I have decided not to call them by what they should be called. At this point we are [...]

Chris Gayle not so cool after all

I like Chris Gayle. He is what every WI cricketer should be. Unflustered, cool and walking around with a swagger only players from the WI can pull off. He is an uncompromising player too. Whether its  Test Cricket, ODIs or 2020 cricket, if the ball is there to be hit he will murder it. He [...]

Will the real Pakistan and WI please step up.

A new era of cricket is dawning. Australia are wobbling and India seem to be the pretender to the throne. England and South Africa are resurgent. Sri Lanka is hitting above its weight consistently. The Kiwis are rebuilding. In between all this, Pakistan and WI have been in the doldrums. Pakistan don’t play cricket anymore. [...]