How to set automatic reply in offers a variety of tools that, without any doubt, will increase your productivity. One of my favorites is the ability to send automatic replies to all emails that arrive; either to inform you that you are on vacation or to keep in touch with your customers. Learn how to set automatic reply in design is very simple, so you’ll be able to send automatic messages with a few clicks. These emails can be used to keep in touch with your contacts when you absent for several days, due vacations,  or if you’re using as you business email account, you can compose a message for all your customers. This message allows the user to rely even more on your business, as it gives them an immediate response and ensures that their request will be treated as soon as possible.

To set automatic reply in, just click on the gear in the top right, select Mail Options. Then, click Sending automated vacation replies. This will take you to another window, very similar to Compose emails. Write the message you want: you can be informed that you are absent and the return date or simply a response to your customers with something like  “Thank you for comunicate with us, your message is very important and we will attending your requirement as soon as possible“. Then click on Save.

As you can see, Hotmail will send an automatic reply mail to whoever you want: it can be only those people who are in your contact list or anyone who sends you an email. Also, if someone writes you repeatedly, Outlook will send a reply mail once every four days, so it won’t saturate the inbox of your contacts.