Buy house – 10 tips for buying real estate

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Your own home is usually the largest purchase that is made in life. So, before you decide on a house, everything has to be right from mortgage lending to real estate. With our tips you avoid problems and mistakes on the way to your own home Houston house buyers.

Tip 1: Prepare your real estate financing

In the popular regions of Germany, we are currently on a seller’s market. Anyone who wants to sell a property is in a good position due to high demand and high property prices. On the other hand, this means for buyers that they have to be well prepared, because there are many more interested parties. The most important step is the preparation of real estate financing.

Use a household calculator to find out how much money is available to you on a monthly basis for the real estate loan.

Then use the budget calculator to calculate the maximum purchase price you can afford considering your equity.

Make a non-binding financing request to find out if a bank would grant you a mortgage loan in the desired amount.

Only when you know that you are getting a loan should you go for a real estate search. This saves you a lot of time and you know exactly which houses are suitable for you. You can tell the real estate agent or seller about your preparation, so that the seriousness of your purchase interest is substantiated and you may be preferred to other buyers.

Tip 2: Determine your requirements for a house

On the one hand you need to know how much house you can afford at the most, on the other hand you have to make clear what conditions your property has to fulfill. The following questions should be discussed before buying a house:

  • Where would you like to live?
  • How must the connection to bus and train be?
  • Do you want to renovate and buy something old or should everything be ready for occupancy?
  • How big should the property be?
  • Do you need a large garden?
  • Does house construction also come into question?

Tip 3: Search and find the right property

You know what you are looking for and how much money you can spend on your home. Now it’s up to the real estate search. Look on real estate portals and hire regional real estate agents to find a suitable property. Even when walking through your desired neighborhood, you can find properties for sale.

Tip 4: Check the location of the house

You have found a nice house that suits your ideas? First, take a close look at the situation. The dream house could turn out to be a failure if the situation does not fit your ideas or disadvantageous aspects such as noise pollution or poor access to public transport complicate later home sales.

Even if you may want to live in your house for life: Unforeseen events can make a sale necessary. With a house in a good location you are in case of a fall on the safe side. In addition, you can expect more value appreciation potential.

Tip 5: Check the house thoroughly

Since a property is an expensive purchase with great consequences on the one hand and on the other your new home in which you spend a lot of time, the house should be thoroughly checked before purchase. Inform yourself before acquiring a used property (mainly years of construction until about 1980) in general on the topics:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Humidity
  • Mold
  • Sponge
  • Pollutants (PCB, wood preservatives, formaldehyde)
  • Asbestos

Other important aspects are included in our House Purchase Checklist, which helps you identify major weaknesses in the home. This results in valuable clues for the possibly necessary remediation requirements and the associated cost planning.

The neighborhood of the house also plays an important role: address neighbors and get to know the people in your potential new neighborhood. If you discover that your immediate neighbors are offensive to you right away, then you should consider your buying considerations.

Tip 6: Request all important documents about the house

You like the location and the house has no serious damage? Then go into detail and ask the seller or broker for all important documents. These help to clarify outstanding issues and are sometimes also required for the financing request from the bank. This includes:

  • Floor plans, site plans, construction documents (if available)
  • At leasehold: lease
  • Deed
  • In case of community property (terraced house / condominium): declaration of division, certificate of secrecy, community order, distribution plan, minutes of recent owners’ meetings
  • Energy certificate
  • Possibly. Excerpt from the occupancy register (especially important for pipe stems)

Tip 7: Negotiate the best purchase price and make sure you finance

If you have found a property that you want to buy, financing and price must be fixed.

As a general rule, there is some room for negotiation in the estimated offer price. Of course, it depends on the location of the property. In popular regions with high demand is usually less time and room to play poker at the real estate price. Anyone who assumes that he is the only interested party can quietly give a little longer time to think and make a bolder bid.

To estimate the offer price, send the object’s exposé to your financial advisor, who will determine the market value and the mortgage lending value for you from the perspective of the bank. Furthermore, you can inform yourself in our guide with real estate price mirror on the local square meter prices. Also, an online search with comparison objects makes sense to check the purchase price.

It is important that as soon as you want to buy, the financing is provided. Only when you hold a financing commitment of the bank in hand, the notary appointment can be arranged. Gather all the important documents for financing at an early stage. Under checklist documents you will find out what you need.

Tip 8: Familiarize yourself with the bureaucracy

The moment you have decided on a house, the bureaucratic act of buying a home begins. So that you do not have to deal with completely new terms and processes, it is worthwhile to inform yourself in advance about the course of a home purchase. On our home purchase page, you will learn how the purchase of real estate is progressing step by step.

Tip 9: Read the purchase agreement carefully

If you have agreed with the seller on the purchase price and is the financing in dry cloths, the notary appointed by you or the seller sets up the purchase contract. This should be available to you at least two weeks before the notary’s appointment, so that you can examine it in peace. In addition to the usual information about the property and the handover, the following should also be listed in the purchase contract for the house:

Information on fixtures that are sold with (e.g. fitted kitchen, garage, fireplace, awnings)

Assurance by the seller that he is not aware of any contaminated sites, such as pollutants, that are not mentioned in the purchase contract.

Tip 10: Pay attention to the contractual handover

The notarial contract regulates when the transfer takes place and which parts of the house are transferred to the buyer. Make sure that all agreements are met. It is therefore best to make a settlement with the purchase contract before the appointment, which fixtures you take over. The following documents should also be handed out to you on the day of the transfer:

  • All keys (also for cellar etc.)
  • Housing insurance documents (this will be sent to you first)
  • Documents on building services such as maintenance contracts, operating instructions (boiler, etc.)
  • Documents about other installations or equipment that you have taken over.

Best Ideas for Golf Gifts

gifts for golfers who have everything

Today we present golf gifts, so gift ideas for golfers. Finding a suitable present for a birthday or Christmas is difficult for many people. For golfers, it’s easy, there’s a wide selection of golf gifts.

The best golf gifts

Numerous golf gifts can be found in the lower price range up to twenty euros, the golf gifts are popular in the middle price range up to one hundred euros. There is no limit to the top and there are complete sets for many thousands of euros. We hope our gift ideas will help you to find the perfect gifts for golfers who have everything.


1) Golf Gifts: Keychain and bottle opener

Popular golf gift ideas include bottle openers or key fobs, the choice is huge. On offer are trailers with a golf ball or a small golf club. Practical are the key chains with a pitchfork or a ball marker, both can use the golfer on a round. Important for golf beginners is a hand counter for the blows that he needs to the hole. For ladies there are counting chains with colored beads.


2) Golf Gifts: Golf Balls

Golf balls are very important in golf and therefore always welcome as a birthday present or a Christmas present. Golf balls are offered in all price ranges, in a small box are three balls. Experienced golfers have a favorite brand and they are sure to be on their wish list. Funny are colored golf balls with a printed smiley face. For beginner golfers, low-priced golf balls or lakeballs in nets or bags are suitable because the rate of loss is high.


3) Golf Gifts: Gift box for golfers

Practical are the ready assembled golf gifts. In such a box are golf balls, tees, ball markers and a pitch fork, things the golfer uses on each round. Some sets include a golf towel to clean the golf balls and clubs during a round of golf. From every known golf brand there are the golf towels with an embroidered or printed logo. A carabiner helps to attach the towels to the golf bag.


4) Golf gifts: salt and pepper shakers

Other inexpensive golf gifts include salt and pepper shakers or a pen holder in the form of a golf bag. Some golfers are happy about a new doormat with the theme of favorite sport. Card games with golf themes are on offer, and passionate golfers drink coffee from a cup in the shape of a golf ball or golf bag.


5) Golf Gifts: Golf Books

To deepen their knowledge of golf, golf enthusiasts like to work with textbooks or guidebooks for golf. The selection is large, there are books on the history of golf and on the golf rules. In addition, there are numerous books with tips to improve the handicap. Well-known golf professionals give tips for the perfect golf swing. Also on offer are golf books for absolute beginners, such as Golf for Dummies by Gary McCord, which is a great golfing gift.


6) Golf Gifts: Putting Mat

A really great gift for golfers is a putting mat. Too many putts affect the game result negatively. That’s why golfers often train on the green. At home, the golfer practices on a putting mat. The offered mats are made of polyester or artificial turf. Some have built in obstacles as well as a hole. The PGA Tour Putting Mat is 275 centimeters long, with different putt positions.


7) Golf Gifts: Putt trainers and analyzers

Even better is a putt trainer, he helps to align on the green. Well-known golf coaches like David Leadbetter offer putt coaches. Alternatively, putt analyzers are also used. The golfer can attach the small GSA IOS golf putting analyzer to the handle of the putter, the golfer then analyzes his putt on his smartphone.


8) Golf Gifts: swing analysis device

Another golf gift for advanced players is a swing analysis device. For the swing analysis numerous devices are on the market. With the help of these devices, golfers can assess and improve their golf swing on the iPad, iPhone or PC. The devices are attached to the handle of the racket or the striking hand. Practical are the golf swing analysis devices from Score Industries, they fit on every racket and provide a visual aid for a perfect racket position.


9) Golf Gifts: Rangefinder

Meanwhile, rangefinders are allowed on the golf course at tournaments, they are a welcome golf gift. On offer are simple digital rangefinders for 20 euros, there are laser rangefinders for 170 euros. Popular among golfers are the GPS rangefinders in the form of a wristwatch. Highly recommended is the rangefinder from Bushnell seen in the picture.


10) Golf Gifts: Golf clubs

Golf beginners are looking forward to a complete set. Beginner’s golf bags cost about 250 euros. On offer are complete sets for men and women as well as right or left-handed people from many famous golf brands. A golf trolley is more comfortable for a big round on a hilly golf course. These golf gifts are priced between 50 and 200 euros.

We hope you enjoyed our list of gifts for golfers and you found a suitable Christmas or birthday present.

Instagram: strategy for more followers

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A social media presence thrives on reach and the resulting interactions. Especially on Instagram, many users make a lot of work with the pictures, videos and stories, but get in return, hardly any new followers or comments and are frustrated. It is not that difficult to organize a little more range.

One thing is clear: If you want to generate new followers, you also have to invest a little bit of work buy instagram comments– in addition to the creation of attractive content. There are two areas in which you can optimize your profile: You should create a meaningful profile and in the second step this then intensive care – of course, only if you want to grow.

Instagram: Optimize the profile

First, you should put a meaningful photo in your profile and think about which topic you want to play. Is it about food, fitness or animals? The selection is huge. If you just want to post selfies from you, the whole effort is not worth it – but again, it’s about finding a shoot that is interesting for other users.

A clear name is also mandatory, because at least the contacts that you would follow anyway can be discovered. Also, the username should at least go in this direction, or thematically fit well with the content. But this profile is far from complete.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to integrate a website. Here is a blog to share more background information. For example, while creating food content, you can provide detailed recipes and add value to your followers. Also, it’s wise to mention in biography what’s in your account.

Instagram has now integrated a new feature that you can use in the biography #Hashtags to link directly to a topic page. It is also possible to mention an @ account. All visitors have the opportunity to get to know each other, discover more accounts and their own interests.

Instagram: It’s work

Now your account is up and you can start or have optimized it a bit. It’s important that you follow other accounts that occupy a topic that interests you or that is similar to yours. So you build a community, other Instagram users will be aware of you and follow you.

Of course this is not done – as I said, it is work. Now it’s about marking your followers or other users in your pictures and writing comments, working with DM’s and stories and using the hashtag search. You should always keep an eye on the goal and assess what is worthwhile.

First, it is important to content from other users liken. This will get you noticed, and if you stay on the ball, you will generate followers. Why work? You should do this on a daily basis and take an hour for yourself – 500 or 1,000 likes should be there to get an effect.

Then try some nice comments. Because Instagram is a social network and behind every account is a person who invests work and is happy about a Like / Comment. So you slowly but surely build a relationship and get in return a follower and the attention of the community.

Hashtags on Instagram

You notice, it’s work, because in addition to likes and comments, you also have to create your own content – there should be two to three pictures per day. See what time suits you and test when you get the most reactions . You should then take this time for you to get as many followers as possible.

What’s important is that you use hashtags to make it easier for other Instagram users to find your pictures. Look in the search or other users to find out what hashtags are popular. Do not rush to the general hashtags, because that’s where your content gets lost. A good selection is the perfect middle ground, to create your own hashtags.

Then you can reduce the frequency and delete pictures that you may not like anymore. First of all, it’s only a test of when you reach the most users of the respective target group with your content. You will now see that other Instagram users also comment on your pictures and here the work continues.

Maintains the community

Because it is incredibly important to respond to every comment. You have to treat your followers and maintain the community. This may still be easy at first, but if you have reached a certain number of followers, it may take some time. Besides likes and comments you can also link users with a comment.

You should always keep in mind to attract the attention of other Instagram users and then maintain them. You will quickly notice which users visit your profile more often and leave comments. If you post a picture now, you can of course also post those users in the picture – this is more effective than just putting hashtags.

Hashtags are on the decline anyway, because they are used at such a high frequency that just small accounts do not really benefit. It is better to link other Instagram users or pages directly in the picture – because in this case, they get a message and become aware of you.

Use the Instagram stories

For some time there are also stories on Instagram and these are not so unimportant for you. Stories are quickly consumed and now also provide a not to be underestimated range – with the right tools. Two of these funds are worth mentioning: hashtags and geotags .

So, if you’ve taken a picture, you can first insert a hashtag with a swipe upwards. Unfortunately, this is only possible once, but by hand more hashtags are available on Instagram. You can paint over them with a sticker or drag them to the bottom – then the picture stays in the foreground, but the hashtag stays.

Geotags and Challenges

Interesting for smaller accounts are also Geotags . You can also find this with a swipe upwards (location) and you should start small there. So not necessarily Hamburg, but rather Schanzenpark. Thus, you may find your way into a collection of stories and can increase your reach.

If you still want to take part in a challenge from time to time, you can keep the community idea even higher and you will soon see that a good strategy is also rewarded with followers. Take a slow look and see what tips are practicable for you.

In order to be able to grow well, you must – as you have seen – invest a lot of work. An hour a day is almost the minimum, but somewhere must be a hurdle. In the end you should not forget that the fun is in the foreground and good content is the basic requirement for success.

The Role of Drinks in the Diet

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The term “drinks” encompasses any liquid that is ingested. In general, beverages are divided into two large groups: those that contain alcohol and those that do not. Among the non-alcoholic drinks the most important and recommended is water. The rest (juices, soft drinks, moisturizing drinks, etc.), will influence the weight according to their sugar content. Alcoholic beverages contribute to weight gain due to the high caloric content of ethanol and its effect on the liver, favoring the deposition of fats.

Then we will review the different types of drinks mentioned to know what benefits and what disadvantages may have for the functioning of our body. In addition, we inform you of which ones you should not separate if you want to follow a balanced diet and which ones will help you lose fat .

Let’s talk first about the most frequent, non-alcoholic drinks. Some of them are those that always accompany any good diet plan. From water to infusions, through juices, isotonic drinks and energy drinks.


Among the non-alcoholic beverages, the most important is water, and also the main component of the rest of the liquids, as well as many foods. Water is essential for life, represents 70% of body weight and is involved in all the biochemical and physiological processes that occur in our body. It does not imply any caloric or nutritional contribution. Water recommendations are calculated  around 2 liters a day, taking into account that almost all foods contribute water  in a greater or lesser proportion (fruits and vegetables, for example, have a  significant water content), and we must also add infusions, coffee, etc. The water needs may be higher in children, the elderly and athletes, and may also increase in any condition that causes fluid loss, such as sweating, diuretic intake, intestinal diseases that cause diarrhea, etc.

The best indicator of how much water we need is thirst, although many consider that the appearance of this symptom already indicates the beginning of the dehydration process, and that we should not wait to suffer it. On the other hand, although it is quite rare to occur in healthy people, excess water or over-hydration can also be dangerous. If the amount of water that is ingested is greater than that which the kidneys can handle for their elimination, an electrolyte imbalance (imbalance between the sodium and potassium proportions of the blood) can be produced with severe repercussions. Of course, to reach these extremes the water consumption must be notoriously excessive.

The most careful people should have about the volumes of water they ingest are those who suffer from a disease in which it is necessary to restrict their consumption (renal failure, for example), for which it is best to follow the instructions that the treating doctor do about it.

On the other hand, there are health problems that can cause a need to drink liquids in an exaggerated way (polydipsia). Usually, this symptom is related to diseases, such as diabetes. It can also have a psychological origin (potomania), when it is a compulsive desire to continuously drink a large amount of water, without demonstrable organic causes. The potomania may be associated with eating disorders like anorexia. Regardless of its origin, the imperative need to consume excess liquids can be an alarm signal that deserves to be attended by the corresponding doctor.

Fruit juice

On the other hand, sufficient water consumption is necessary in a balanced diet. However, because it is an insipid liquid, it is not strange that the water is replaced by other drinks more attractive to the palate. The problem is that almost always sugar is an added present in these drinks, and this can alter the balance achieved with a well-balanced diet. This is what usually happens with fruit juices, which although they are prepared without sugar, the crushing process facilitates the absorption of the glucose contained in them, increasing their glycemic index. This does not mean that we should eliminate them completely, but it does avoid taking them too often, and take into account their high glycemic index when consuming them.

Soft drinks with or without gas

Soft drinks or carbonated beverages are also the usual drink, with a high proportion of sugar and corn syrup (very high in fructose), with a very high glycemic index. They also contain carbon dioxide gas, and phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid promotes the elimination of calcium in the urine, inducing osteoporosis and facilitating the formation of kidney stones. Many people concerned about their weight choose to substitute soft drinks for its “light” variant, but it has been shown that regular consumption of light soft drinks increases the abdominal circumference. So that does not seem like a good idea.

Isotonic Drinks

These, basically are formulated for athletes. They contain water, electrolytes, sugars in small quantities, and flavorings. These drinks are useful especially when water and sodium have been lost through sweating, but they are often consumed as a substitute for water. In this case, the amount of glucose is low, but you have to be careful about the electrolytes they contain. During exercise, and in situations where the body is subject to dehydration, these electrolytes are replenished by those who are losing and they are beneficial, and even necessary. However, if these drinks are used frequently and for a long time in conditions in which there has been no loss of electrolytes, it is possible to exceed the supply of salts to the body, which may affect the kidneys and cause fluid retention. This precaution is very important in people suffering from hypertension.

Energy Drinks

We should not confuse isotonic drinks with energizers. These are non-alcoholic stimulant drinks that differ from isotonic drinks in that they contain a higher concentration of carbohydrates, in addition to certain amino acids (taurine, carnitine), caffeine and some stimulating herbs such as ginseng or guarana. Its objective is to increase physical and mental performance for a short time, but they are not recommended for rehydration, due to its high caffeine content, which has a diuretic effect.

On the other hand, they should never be mixed with alcohol, because this can increase its negative effects (tachycardia, hypertension, nervousness, insomnia, etc.). Nor is it recommended for children, pregnant women, or people with cardiovascular or neurological problems. And of course, they do not help if your intention is to lose weight.


Finally, among the non-alcoholic beverages of frequent consumption we have the infusions. The infusions are obtained by introducing herbs or aromatic fruits in hot water. The most common are coffee and tea. With respect to them, their effects will depend on the grass used to make them, and their caloric and nutritional content of the accompanying aggregates (milk, sugar, etc.).

In conclusion, with regard to non-alcoholic beverages, the most convenient for  regular consumption is water , although sometimes other options can be taken,  always ensuring that their sugar content is not excessive, and that they are not  harmful to health. The infusions, and in the right conditions the isotonic drinks, can help to make the intake of liquids less monotonous.

Alcoholic Drinks

Let’s now talk about alcoholic beverages. The component that characterizes them is ethyl alcohol or ethanol, which is obtained from the fermentation of sugars or starches, and may or may not be distilled later. It is a psychoactive substance, whose effects depend on the amount that is ingested. In a first stage it induces a feeling of euphoria and disinhibition. If continued consumption will cause poisoning, moment from which it will affect the nervous system, with incoordination, and loss of balance, then confusion, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and in extreme cases can be reached cardiorespiratory arrest and death.

Ethanol is absorbed directly in the stomach, without being digested. This process is faster if the stomach is empty. It has a high caloric content (7 kcal / gr), and the glycemic index depends on the type of beverage, being higher in sweet liqueurs, and secondly in fermented ones (beer and wine). These contain carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts, and in the case of wine, tannins. Distilled liquors provide caloric but not nutritional content.

Ethyl alcohol consumed in high amounts and for a long time has negative effects on many tissues, especially in the cells of the liver, and can cause permanent damage to the brain (neurons). It also affects organs such as the heart, the digestive system (stomach, esophagus, liver, and pancreas), the immune system, etc., but this is not the issue we are dealing with.

What is relevant with regard to alcohol consumption and weight gain, in addition to its high caloric content, has to do with the rapid increase in the use of glycogen stored in the liver, which is why the production of triglycerides is stimulated, and also of low density (LDL) cholesterol, that is, the “bad.”

It also reduces tryptophan, affecting the production of serotonin, which can affect the appetite, alter the rhythm of sleep and produce depression. To make matters worse, if consumption is high and for a long time favors the onset of insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

Despite all its harmful effects, alcohol is ubiquitous in most social events, and avoiding it altogether is not always easy. However, a moderate consumption (without reaching the phase of intoxication), and occasional, does not have to end in damage of any organ. With regard to weight, it helps to reduce the amount and accompany it with low-fat foods, because its effect on the liver, if accompanied by a high-fat meal, will favor its deposit and contribute to overweight.

From here we hope these tips have been useful and that you can include in your diet the most beneficial drinks for your body and that will surely help you to lose weight.

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top 10 fat burners

You’ve heard about fat burners, those pills that can make your body fat melt like a cone ice cream, well not exactly. Fat burners are supplements that are designed with ingredients that can really give you an extra boost to help you burn fat. But they cannot replace a solid diet and an exercise plan. top 10 fat burners

top 10 fat burners

Think of fat burners, like a scope of a sniper rifle, just trying to reduce fat cells. Diet is the weapon, heavy artillery, exercise is firepower, and fat burners can help you aim a little better and kill fat more efficiently. However, fat burners do not work to their best effect when used incorrectly. It is usually because people do not take into account the following four basic concepts to use an effective fat burner to lose weight.

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is to think that just taking a fat loss support supplement is enough. They think that the fat burner is the miraculous solution they have been looking for. But following a calorie-restricted diet is 80 percent of your battle. If you can do it and be consistent with it, then you have done 80 percent of the work. The rest is exercise, time, and you can get extra help from supplementation.

Fat burners can help increase fat loss, but we’re just going to do it with a proper diet instead. Fat burners work in a variety of ways. They can increase energy, help curb appetite, promote the fat that is used to generate energy, and even increase your metabolism and core temperature to burn more calories during the day. However, if you take a fat burner and then feast on burgers, pizza and bagels, you will definitely not see fat loss.

Take a look at your diet and determine if it really fits your goal of fat loss. To lose fat and reveal a toned physique you’ll have to be eating a little less calories than your maintenance level, getting lots of protein , and maintaining other healthy and clean eating habits, with slow digestion of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and a lot of fresh vegetables. When you feel confident about your diet and in control of your nutrition environment, then you can begin to see results.

Help To Increase Testosterone Level

Testosterone Booster Reviews

Testosterone Booster Reviews

Eat foods rich in healthy

Fats Omega 3 fats are rich in DHEA, which helps increase testosterone. In general, the rest of the fats that increase the level of HDL cholesterol is good for your body as they help generate more sex hormones. This is why avocados are considered among the healthiest fruits although it is fatty. It has the ability to increase your testosterone levels. Nuts and fish will not only increase the amount of testosterone in your body, but also improve your heart health and help you lose weight.

Maintain a healthy weight

Overweight and obesity are attributed to many health conditions, and are even thought to be one of the risk factors of impotence. Excess weight leads to the overproduction of estrogen, the female sex hormone. This in turn leads to a lower amount of testosterone.

Reduce levels of Estrogen and Xenoestrogens

You need to reduce the amount of estrogen synthesized in the body in order to increase the production of testosterone. This can be done through diet and avoiding xenoestrogens, a compound responsible for the synthesis of estrogen. A high intake of raw cabbages and other vegetables from this family can help reduce your testosterone levels. Foods rich in fiber and resveratrol can also help reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone levels by Testosterone Booster Reviews.

Get enough sleep

Everyone deserves enough sleep at night in order to function well. Your body needs to rest at the end of the day in order to prepare for the next day’s work, and to function optimally. Every morning a healthy man must have a very high sex drive and this is attributed to the quality of sleep at night. Try to get at least six hours of sleep each night, as well as to wake up with enough testosterone.

Taking testosterone boosters

Learn how to increase testosterone levels, by taking the right drivers. Supplements such as ProTestosterone contain the necessary ingredients to help restore sexual desire. If all other means have failed, you can always try this supplement for optimal results.


There is a very simple way to ensure a balanced diet: always have at home stock of healthy and varied products. Having these foods on hand in your closets, fridge or freezer will make your life a lot easier. We have gathered for you a list of foods you should always have at home, as well as a download list! Practice no?


You should never be short of lentils, chickpeas, beans and peas. They provide you with valuable vegetable protein and are very rich in fiber. Clinical trials have also shown that legumes can prevent diabetes because of their low glycemic index.

Use them in your curries, chili, salads and even to cook delicious brownies . You can buy them canned or dried (do not forget to precook them!)


The unsalted nuts are the ideal snack: they are indeed rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Nibble them between two meals to calm your cravings, add them in your smoothies and oatmeal in the morning or in your sauces in the form of nut butters. But beware, nuts, almonds, peanuts and company are very caloric so do not overdo it!


Eggs are real vitamin bombs and contain all 9 essential fatty acids that our body can not make itself. Add them to your salads at lunch time to avoid the small drops in the afternoon diet .


Onions and garlic (as well as leeks, shallots and chives) are part of the great alliaceae family. It’s hard to imagine a healthy and balanced diet without these two bulbs that serve as flavoring for most of our dishes.

The onion contains essential oils and sulfur compounds, responsible for its smell, its flavor but also its medicinal properties. It is credited with many health benefits: protective effect against cancer and cardiovascular disease thanks to the antioxidants it contains.


Potatoes are very important suppliers of potassium and constitute a low calorie accompaniment but that will still keep you long satiated. 100 g of this tuber contain only 75 calories. Make mashed potatoes, soup or homemade fries!

Conservation Tip: Potatoes (as well as onions and garlic) can be stored for a long time if they are in a dark, cold, dry place.


Fresh red fruits are often very expensive. Make some good reserves in summer (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries …) and freeze them for the winter to come. You can of course buy them already frozen. In this way, these small berries will retain all their precious vitamins and minerals.Add them to your smoothies or oatmeal in the morning.


Whole seeds, crushed or in oil: flax seeds are essential to any self-respecting cuisine. This survival food provides you with soluble fiber, protein and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acids).Many have already become addicted because of their benefit on intestinal health. Again, mix them in your smoothies, yogurt or sprinkle your salads. Remember to always drink a large glass of water when you consume it to avoid constipation.

Caution: Cold pressed linseed oil should never be reheated. Use it only with cold dishes and keep it in the fridge.


Did you know that date fruits have more fiber than whole wheat bread, more potassium than bananas and help digestion? And because of their high sugar content, dates quickly provide energy (ideal for runners) and soothe cravings.


Spinach, green cabbage, rocket: always have enough green in your fridge. Seasonal green leafy vegetables are excellent for health and can be used in many ways. Vary their preparation to not make them boring: smoothie, salad, paste or curries, ideas abound. These vegetables are full of minerals and have many health benefits (prevention of cancer and aging). They are also very nutritious but low in calories. What more ?


Make sure you always have some in your closets! Like legumes, they are very high in fiber and have a low glycemic index: your blood sugar increases slowly after eating, so your pancreas does not have to produce too much insulin and you stay full longer .

Performix Sst Review

This Performix Sst Review is based on my personal experience with the drug. I know first-hand that weight loss can be a huge struggle! Sometimes you can count every single calorie you consume and work out, only to see painfully slow progress or even none at all. If this description fits you or you just want a little boost on top of your current weight loss than I highly recommend Performix.

What is Performix sst?

Performix is a weight loss supplement but please don’t let that put you off! Weight loss supplements can sometimes get a bit of bad reputation but this is a product that stands out from the crowd. It has ingredients that will literally burn the fat off your body. It is entirely natural, FDA approved and made up of 5 different enzymes that, when combined, have a positive effect on your body. If you are somebody who works out but never sees a great difference in your body, then these fat burning pills are for you!

Performix sst boosts your metabolism and it also works as an appetite suppressant by sending a signal to your brain when your stomach is full. Sometimes we think we are hungry, when we aren’t, which makes us over eat unhealthy foods. Performix claims to make you lose up to 5 pounds a week, which is a very nice number for a seven-day period. Although I am sure this will vary depending on your start weight and other factors.

You don’t have to get a prescription to buy this product, it is available in many sources online because it’s completely safe to take with no known side effects what so ever. It is not necessary to change anything about your current lifestyle when you are taking these pills. Continuing your diet or exercise regime will help, but you’re totally fine even if you don’t.

My Experience

When I first heard about this drug and everything that it can do with regards to weight loss, I was a little dubious so I decided to see for myself whether it worked or not. I am a woman in my early thirties, who although not obese, does have a little extra weight to lose. I work out about 3 times a week and eat healthy most of the time. Despite this, my weight would always seem to hover around the same number and I never saw a significant difference on the scale.

I could not wait to try out Performix and I did not change my eating/exercise whatsoever so that I could get an accurate result. For the first couple of days, I did not notice much difference but then I realized I was not as hungry as I used to be. I am somebody who used to constantly snack throughout the day but my appetite changed I was happy with 3 meals a day and maybe a couple of snacks.

Although I did not actively try to change what I was eating, I found myself subconsciously choosing healthier options every time I ate. About a week after I started taking the pills, I weighed myself and was astonished to see that I had lost 3 pounds. Now a month later and a total of 8 pounds lighter, I am so happy that I tried it and will continue to take it until I reach my weight loss goal.

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Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscribers And Views

YouTube presents a huge opportunity to business owners who are willing to take the plunge into video marketing. Think about this recent stat from eMarketer: While 41% of US small businesses use Facebook, only 9% use YouTube. While video can provide a serious boon when it comes to engagement for your business, the competition – at least in terms of other commercial enterprises – isn’t as fierce as on some other major social networks.

This article outlines 50 free ways to grow your YouTube channel subscribers as well as increase video views and engagement.

1. Upload new videos regularly, and preferably on a schedule. If your audience comes to expect a new video every Tuesday, they’ll look forward to Tuesdays! When you upload a new video, those who have subscribed to your channel will receive a notification (which helps trigger new views).

2. Post each of your YouTube videos on Facebook using Facebook’s native video uploader (Fact: Facebook videos now get more engagement than shared YouTube video links). Include a call-to-action within the Facebook video post to “check out my other videos on YouTube” with a link to your YouTube channel.

3. Keep your video titles to 50 characters or less. Any longer, and your title will get cut off, decreasing the chances it will get clicked in search.

4. Buy youtube views likes comments packages Embed your YouTube videos on your blog and promote them to your social media audience. This will not only increase video views, it will increase your site’s pageviews.

5. Try keeping your videos to around 3 minutes. Research by Buffer Social shows the ideal length of a YouTube video is 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

6. When choosing keywords for your videos, run a quick Google search to see if there are video results for those keywords. If there are, your video has a better chance of ranking in search, buy real youtube views and comments.

7. Organize your videos in topical playlists. Use relevant keywords to give your playlists more potential for ranking in search.

8. Include an intro for all your videos. Your intro is where you have a captive audience. Use it to present the content of your video while also reminding viewers they can subscribe to your channel.

9. Use relevant keywords in your title and description so your video has the best chance of showing up in YouTube and Google search results.

10. Include your YouTube video URL when embedding it on your blog. Adding the URL manually may increase clicks to your YouTube channel….and may just lead to your visitors sticking around to check out your other videos.