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A year before the retirement of their king, the Black Caps seemed to have conquered insuperable odds and oddities in a fight to the death to go beyond where no Black Cap had ever gone before: to a World Cup final.

Since 1975 they have been battling this curse that had engulfed their land into darkness and the population in to despair. Many a Black Cap supporter had sailed to the ‘Dying Lands’ without ever witnessing this success.

The return of the king, brought forth hope. Hope that one day the curse will be defeated and darkness lifted. After a 40 year struggle where many a leader was felled and some periods of treachery were uncovered they finally had an army strong of character and skill to face this evil.

And faced the evil they did, with great courage, winning every battle and ever so slowly getting closer to the end. On the 24th day of Autumn in the park of Eden the Black Caps felled another general to make their way to a final. Towns and villages were overjoyed, they celebrated to the wee hours of the night. Even though the war had just begun, defeating the curse for even a few days felt like an eternity of suffering had ended. However, little did they know that eternal suffering had it’s own scheme & devious plan. The final War was waged across the seas, in the land of the Cons. Whether it was nerves or whether it was inexperience, whatever it was they were quite beaten. And the marching Cons, with and their green and gold lifted the trophy for the world to behold.

Twelve moons on, almost to the day
When the Black Caps least expected
The curse that they thought they had defeated
Rose again from the ashes, like a Nazgûl, full of darkness
It paralysed their will, defeated their courage
And left them heart broken in the fields of the Shah
Now as they make their way back home
They can keep their heads high
for evil and curses, they may come and go
But the courage of men, keeps living on….

Vikus Vandersmurf is a Connoisseur of Cricket and an occasional dabbler in poetry… 

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